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will poketwitch ever beat the rocket hideout? (Poll)Genericgamer66732/18 12:14AM
but why wont people who dislike smogon actually try and make smogon better? (Archived)
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inTaCtfuL302/18 12:11AM
Question about Crowns next to a Pokedex (Archived)Famicom_Guy42/18 12:00AM
So I just realized.. (Archived)
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Finalfayte525112/17 11:58PM
What the actual F***... (Archived)legendxofxsky82/17 11:36PM
Why doesn't Roar go first? (Archived)
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dbzbadman06282/17 11:29PM
Malva is Queen of the Pokegirls (Archived)
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Blue_Inigo382/17 11:28PM
Battle Maison Multi Help (Archived)MalkyeaImbak12/17 11:28PM
Mega Lucario is now on the ban list? Really? (Archived)
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JudgeMaster492/17 11:22PM
Is Ho-Oh transferable to the Pokemon Bank? (Poll)
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-Raven132/17 11:17PM
Some day, I'll remember to stop using ice beam on Florges (Archived)Snorlax_exlax52/17 11:14PM
So would Crunch really be better than Sucker Punch on a Speed kangas? (Archived)Samurontai72/17 11:11PM
Apparently I accidentally made a decent stall team... (Archived)Faust_852/17 11:10PM
Shiny Conkeldurr for trade (Archived)Conkeldurr7722/17 11:10PM
Have po/smogon/w.e ever suspect tested (Archived)
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kadabrium122/17 11:08PM
Could someone help please... (Archived)Falchion_Master22/17 11:06PM
Kaloes born shinies (Archived)GinIchimaru10142/17 11:06PM
Can't seem to get it. (Archived)NamekineX32/17 11:04PM
I really wanna make a new team. (Archived)gamepimp1282/17 11:00PM
My friend just showed me a weird Uber battle... (Archived)davidledsma42/17 10:56PM