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Trying to EV train Attack via hordes is the most annoying thing ever. (Archived)
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Jigglybuff122/6 7:07PM
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using the bank is there any way to hatch a riolu and bulbasaur with (Archived)setokaiba40032/6 7:00PM
Why unowns are so valuable in the GTS? (Archived)Ren-Drako82/6 6:59PM
How many trick room setters should I have on 1 team? (Archived)TC983462/6 6:57PM
What do you think of Kalos Megas in the future? (Archived)GangstaLizard9532/6 6:56PM
Was there something going on that I interrupted? (Archived)davidledsma52/6 6:55PM
TONIGHT: shiny Hoenn legendaries from Emerald on Wonder Trade! (Archived)
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Scrib182/6 6:54PM
Okay, Is this normal? (Archived)capedshadow732/6 6:54PM
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rate my team? (Archived)Fidchel32/6 6:44PM
celebi sounds like celery (Archived)Goderator32/6 6:44PM
You are all so lucky!! (Archived)Contradictator12/6 6:42PM
What would the best matchup be in the Pokemon competitive scene (Archived)zelionx12/6 6:41PM
My Celebi is awful IV-wise (Archived)pokemonfreak9752/6 6:40PM
Last night I was robbed at gunpoint for my 3ds and pokemon y (Archived)
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pokemon2poker292/6 6:38PM
Where did my celebi go? (Archived)Oreos7462/6 6:38PM