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I checked smogon's ban list, correct me if I'm wrong but you aren't allowed to (Archived)RemixDeluxe53/29/2014
how valuable do you think... (Archived)smalls5683/29/2014
Fossil Question (Archived)Heaven_Knight43/29/2014
The Anistar TM lady (Archived)A_Man338335855333/29/2014
Finally got a shiny! A Murkrow! (Archived)
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Can you trade egg of pokemon with unreleased hidden abilities online? (Archived)kazooie95973/29/2014
I hope this doesn't happen. (Archived)Lord_Chivalry63/29/2014
Pokemon being immune to their own type of stat infliction, did that start this (Archived)
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Pokemon that resists / is immune to the following types? (More inside) (Archived)
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Eeveluation Priority Question (Archived)Cosmoesis93/29/2014
Riolu hasn't evolved yet.... (Archived)ThatOneKid5783/29/2014
Who else uses Pikachu on their team? (Archived)
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It's so hard to get the hidden power type you want on a certain pokemon. (Archived)
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What's your rank in Battle Institute? (Poll)
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Bringing items from other games: How would this effect Competitive? (Archived)Darkdemon891053/29/2014
Egg moves poll #2 - Squirtle (Poll)Magikarpus33/29/2014
How does the game decide which of pokes is used for Multi battle? (Archived)Blue_Inigo63/29/2014
I'll fix Mega Alakazam. (Archived)
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The WORST mega! (Poll)
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So soft and kawaii! (Archived)Chenmaster243/29/2014