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What is the difference between Smogon and Pokemon Online besides tier placement? (Archived)Kanjuro42/22 5:21PM
Wonder Trading (Poll)
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Hoozah123152/22 5:17PM
What pokemon are on your team? (Archived)
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iheartpokemon27212/22 5:10PM
Is Smogon a good site to go to for strategies? (Archived)Kisai102/22 5:10PM
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Competitive Team - Thoughts and Opinions? (Archived)breechu22/22 4:55PM
Charity tournament - Almost top 8. (Archived)Caolan_2k912/22 4:54PM
Do You Like Blastoise? (Poll)
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BurnedPotatoes252/22 4:52PM
Tips on masuda method (Archived)GDGuitar9592/22 4:50PM
is there anyways to check what teams the top battlers are using from the (Archived)Ballinari32/22 4:48PM
wtf GTS: Got a shiny kyogre for a koffing (Archived)
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W012345112/22 4:45PM
Powersaves? (Archived)
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TrainerAura812/22 4:44PM
Not sure if this has been notified, but the 3ds will have a hacking device (Archived)
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Aurawhisperer262/22 4:36PM
Why do people keep thinking Misty is returning to the anime? (Archived)
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precita472/22 4:18PM
what's a good score for ranked battle spot singles? (Archived)Ballinari82/22 4:15PM
I miss gen iii contests (Archived)wwwgippal222/22 4:15PM
Mega Latias - better than Lugia? (Archived)
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RatheV292/22 4:15PM