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Bit confused about walls/screens/entry hazards in a team. (Archived)
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Jasonspencer16132/22 6:20PM
The fact Carbink takes 1250000 EXP to get to lv100 makes me suspicious (Archived)
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Teh_Tiltyu192/22 6:18PM
C'mon, really?! (Archived)navi85492/22 6:13PM
favorite dragon from these (Poll)
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Sandbox22242/22 6:11PM
those trainer stats that appear during link battles (Archived)SpoonMan5432162/22 6:10PM
How would you guys feel if I kept on Wonder Trading Bunnelbies? (Archived)Meta28932/22 6:09PM
Trading for jirachi Pokemon x (Archived)Lchunn32/22 6:04PM
*new* favorite dragon poll (Poll)
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Sandbox22182/22 5:58PM
do you think they should allow us to have more than 6 pokemon in the newer games (Archived)mj_webb102/22 5:42PM
Smogon got tired of banning Pokemon (Archived)
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UltraKangaskhan492/22 5:41PM
Do you save more than once (Poll)
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Adumigan212/22 5:40PM
Would any competitive players be willing to talk with me about OU team building? (Archived)Edge4o7_12/22 5:37PM
Language Selections. (Archived)steelviper7722/22 5:35PM
What would you choose? (Archived)Dino-K32/22 5:33PM
Now I have 2 boxes of diverse shiny/legendary pokes ready to bank (Archived)kadabrium52/22 5:32PM
Your reaction - Magmortar gets a Mega in next game with Mega Launcher, BUT (Archived)GilgameshSwords62/22 5:32PM
An ability idea.... (Archived)
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paipr132/22 5:31PM
I have a little to say on Diancie (Archived)
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SalsaSavant152/22 5:28PM
Which of Ash's outfits did you like the best? (Archived)MultiShadow10182/22 5:28PM
What is the difference between Smogon and Pokemon Online besides tier placement? (Archived)Kanjuro42/22 5:21PM