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If slaking didn't have truant... (Archived)
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V3kobeV3142/17 9:11AM
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I've been using Terrakion in online battles... (Archived)
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jakenlucas282/17 8:47AM
ITT: Pokemon we wished were Mega Pokemon but are not Mega Pokemon (Archived)
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TableFlip292/17 8:47AM
If Mega Dragonite existed, what stone would it use? (Poll)
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ThatKipp132/17 8:46AM
Chespin = Best Starter? (Archived)
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Jaricko252/17 8:46AM
How do I pass down Egg Moves with Ditto? (Archived)Tacanacy82/17 8:45AM
YR: Switching out is now -6 (Archived)hodelino52/17 8:41AM
Why do people care so much about what Smogon bans?? (Archived)
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Pikazone432/17 8:38AM
So what's the biggest problem people have against hackers? (Archived)
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LightningAce11332/17 8:29AM
GTS weird glitch? (Archived)beanboyffs62/17 8:29AM
What is a reliable way to deal with Whimsicott's Encore (Archived)kclaujames62/17 8:28AM
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Kyurem-B is awesome. (Archived)ZeldaTPLink42/17 8:10AM
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what pokemon(s) can breed with the most other pokemon aside from ditto? (Archived)ToborTheRobot102/17 7:46AM
tapping the tm sign in pkmn menu opens to the move (Archived)Kudaku22/17 7:43AM
Good eggmove set for feebas? (Archived)vash52032/17 7:32AM