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If Game Freak was based in American and Pokemon was an american game. (Archived)
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So I bred 6 shinies (none of them were planned) so I'm going to make a team (Archived)FugeeBar73/29/2014
I'm so bored right now... (Archived)Ethanb90053/29/2014
Place some of your weird matches here! (Archived)porygon_z_12933/29/2014
Pokebank problem right now (Archived)kkusagami33/29/2014
Is encountering the legendary bird rare? (Archived)ZeldaFan113103/29/2014
Does giving O-Powers contribute to the next upgrade? Does it add to the uses? (Archived)ajko00023/29/2014
check out why rain is still dangerous (Archived)koji872983/29/2014
how big is the size of pokemon x on sd card? (Archived)itachi0083/29/2014
pokemon with two different possible abilities... (Archived)smalls5653/29/2014
Powersaves question (Archived)PokeDude123753/29/2014
Um, which one is X, and which one is Y? (Archived)
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They really should have made the Mega Evolution sequences skippable. (Archived)ajko00043/29/2014
It took me 3 hours to breed TWO 5IV Pokemon... and I had all of this to help. (Archived)
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Downbeat games like Pokemon (Archived)games_pot143/29/2014
Gotta catch em all! (Archived)Draco11383/29/2014
Question about breeding (Archived)koji872993/29/2014
Wow, there must be some magic behind this. (Archived)davidledsma13/29/2014
Getting a Heat Rock (Archived)potatoclan83/29/2014
RMT: Is this team good for Battle Spot? First time player here (Archived)XxOblivion7753/29/2014
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