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Trick room teams, what is your opinion on them? (Archived)
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McButterpants1182/6 6:16PM
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THERE. You got your PokeBank. Are you happy? (Archived)
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spealfan444402/6 6:10PM
WTF man... transfer problems (Archived)Crystal_pony32/6 6:10PM
I realize using a team of all legends is popularly thought of as noobish.... (Archived)
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viewtifullink99222/6 6:10PM
Ampharos and Heal Bell (Archived)Hamiwiful22/6 6:09PM
Should Trick Room, Magic Room, and/or Wonder Room last indefinitely? (Poll)
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-Unowninator-232/6 6:07PM
Sylveon, first Eeveelution to become Uber tier (Archived)
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AuroraSonicBeam202/6 6:04PM
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Is an adamant celebi a good natured celebi? (Archived)
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Tengatoppen325122/6 5:56PM
Anyone test if pokemon in bad balls pass? (Archived)
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PrettyTonyTiger182/6 5:56PM