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Which combination of four uniquely-typed moves gives you the best type coverage? (Archived)
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Who was the toughest first Gym Leader? (Poll)
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davidledsma302/19 8:07PM
So Diancie is just Carbink? (Archived)
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INateYou852/19 8:02PM
egg moves for venonat (Archived)ryanmushrooms62/19 7:57PM
What if the only way to get Diancie... (Archived)
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noobita029112/19 7:55PM
So when i try i cant get it but when i dont i do get it? (Archived)
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MysteriousZ212/19 7:50PM
what if pokemon turned on their trainers (Archived)Goderator92/19 7:46PM
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[UU]who to receive quiver pass (Archived)kadabrium82/19 7:22PM
Is there something wrong with my Honedge? (Archived)
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PokemonNewbie302/19 7:18PM
Retype Dragon Pokemon if the type didn't exist (Archived)
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grape_purple252/19 7:16PM