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F****** reset bag (Archived)
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Question about battle institute (Archived)noobita02923/29/2014
Keep Salamence or replace with Garchomp? (Archived)
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Who is the Most Dangerous Mega?(Revised) (Poll)
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Slowking EV spread? (Archived)Vadmac43/29/2014
so when I finish re-breeding ny rotom-w could someone theoretically... (Archived)Splinter_Within53/29/2014
rotom heat is pretty good (Archived)LightningAce1143/29/2014
Starting a new game (Archived)ookoopootz63/29/2014
Why is rotom-w so popular? He doesn't have longevity. (Archived)
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Your best pokemon nicknames. (Archived)
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Where else can I find players for competitive battling on the cartridge? (Archived)XxOblivion7763/29/2014
Is the shiny rate in the Friend Safari significantly higher? (Archived)green_ninja9733/29/2014
Did you know that... (Archived)GangstaLizard9593/28/2014
Can Cottonee/Whimsicott still learn beat up through breeding? (Archived)Benify23/28/2014
Make a bad team using song lyrics! (Archived)
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Dragalge doesn't have.."legal access" to adaptability? (Archived)Zeron RB73/28/2014
linoone sweep (Archived)coso300013/28/2014
What in the **** was this person's problem? (Archived)
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curious about hm move not tradeable (Archived)tezzilla53/28/2014
C/D: Jirachi should get Mold Breaker as a HA (Archived)matthewtheman103/28/2014