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Does Modest Choice Scarf Porygon-Z outspeed Timid Gengar? (Archived)Yoshiguy397163/11 12:50PM
So I hatched a 6IV Abra with Magic Guard... (Archived)hodelino93/11 12:50PM
YR: Mirror B. is in Pokemon Z (Archived)
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GallantChaddymn223/11 12:48PM
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Did they change how the sleep status works this gen? (Archived)Holy_Oblivion23/11 12:34PM
Trevenant moveset? please help me out here :) (Archived)rickertt63/11 12:33PM
I get why people rag on Mega-Manectric's design and all, but...... (Archived)
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Muffinz0rz233/11 12:33PM
Official Gamefaqs Pokemon Club(OGPC) extension (Archived)
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icicleblade5003/11 12:29PM
YR: Blaziken gets Mach Punch as an Egg Move (Archived)FightingPolygon93/11 12:28PM
Is that actually a sephiroth-reference?!? (Archived)
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EbonyEye163/11 12:19PM
Here are all the changes with OU and UU since yesterday. (Archived)
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Chenmaster2513/11 12:02PM
Everytime someone argues why game freak doesn't make a battle simulator ... (Archived)
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Chenmaster2183/11 11:55AM
Physical Greninja Strategy (Video, looking for feedback) (Archived)
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TheRamosOnline113/11 11:41AM
SR For 5iv Timid Yveltal (Archived)
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MegaSableye183/11 11:35AM
Digital to Physical Bank Transfer Question (Archived)Texas208933/11 11:02AM
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Competitive value of Magnetic Flux (Archived)Shin_Megami_Boy83/11 11:01AM
My girlfriend has been looking at the pokedex for like a day straight (Archived)lazycomplife83/11 11:00AM
Nobody can break down like Hitmontop. (Archived)Smasher12345633/11 10:50AM
Got a shiny Espurr. (Archived)gamerman5743/11 10:49AM