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Berry Guide? (Archived)basedjam13/28/2014
Lol at people who think Fairies are a "Stop-All" for dragons. (Archived)
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AR powersave cloning question (Archived)mariopokefan1763/28/2014
free version of x/y question (Archived)mariopokefan1773/28/2014
Do you feel like making most M.Evo stones post game was a bad choice? (Archived)
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Racked up a bunch of steps, what all does the 3DS Pedometer effect in game? (Archived)
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Your friend offers you a chance to use his powersaves device (Poll)
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Are There any other Furisode Girls You Can Talk To? (Archived)
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HP Rock or Fire for Pure Grass types? (Poll)Animako73/28/2014
:D I just found ANOTHER shiny! (Archived)
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Battle Maison Dusknoir (Archived)pancakes77173/28/2014
Questions regarding Pumpkaboo's size and breeding? (Archived)RuddyKitty83/28/2014
Togepi (Archived)Coold27213/28/2014
Some people have no decency... (Archived)Muffinz0rz53/28/2014
Shiny gen 6 legendaries? (Archived)joey1122353/28/2014
What would be a better ability for mega lucario? (Archived)
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"The Ark" - COMPLETED! AMA (Archived)
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How much is Pokemon a skill-based game? (Poll)
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Being carried away in an advantageous situation (Archived)kclaujames63/28/2014
I'm now on box five of timid protean froakies. And I could care less about shiny (Archived)
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