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Attn: Other Powers Saves users, help (Archived)
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PkmTrainerAbram173/24 1:29PM
What's a better nickname for Talonflame? (Poll)
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CakeOfLies413/24 1:21PM
What was your last reaction to seeing a Furisode Girl NPC? (Poll)
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Shigmiya64133/24 1:19PM
What do y'all think about this froakie? (Archived)Noblesse_Oblige103/24 1:17PM
How to properlly build a team? (Archived)RLutece33/24 1:16PM
Is there anything beneficial or non-beneficial from stopping a Pokemon... (Archived)
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Lord_Vader123/24 1:04PM
Rate My Mega #2 Skarmory (Archived)M3rett093/24 12:53PM
So does anyone play this game still? (Poll)
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Aurawhisperer273/24 12:43PM
Whats your most effective pokemon you use that isnt in OU? (but you use anyway) (Archived)
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dioxxys453/24 12:39PM
Does anyone a place where i could get my Pokemon Y game card fixed? (Archived)MetaDeDeDe33/24 12:30PM
Team Improvements? Plz help (Archived)brousseau2253/24 12:20PM
Its always the same sad story (Archived)Lord_Chivalry103/24 12:15PM
So, just hatched my 6IV Beldum... should I go for the gold? (Archived)Chaosmaster00103/24 12:10PM
So Does This Count.... (Archived)raymond200047633/24 11:58AM
Diggersby is surprsingly good (Archived)
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Slayerblade11813/24 11:57AM
I sorta forgot about pokebank's BP (Archived)Sopheroo103/24 11:56AM
RNG...can be a tease (Archived)JohnRust7103/24 11:55AM
Which of your nicknames are you particularly proud of? (Archived)
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Froakiebloke163/24 11:55AM
Oh my lord Hoomy, why is this a thing (Archived)kadabrium43/24 11:39AM
Just caught this Moltres (Archived)Gh3ttoNinja63/24 11:35AM