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help with powersave (Archived)
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ksamos11162/27 6:40PM
YR: Tyranitar gets intimidate. (Archived)
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AvengerV152/27 6:36PM
Bet you didn't know (Archived)
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kirbydude385112/27 6:35PM
Honestly, I thought gen 5 wifi was already dead. (Archived)
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SirPikachu112/27 6:35PM
Diancie confirmed for the physically strongest pokemon ever (Archived)
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kabigon20122/27 6:32PM
How can I counter a Team with Sticky web (Archived)
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hodelino242/27 6:29PM
Diancie doesn't even get Stone Edge or Power Gem (Archived)
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Doctor_Spanky272/27 6:21PM
Have you participated or watched Twitch plays Pokemon? (Poll)Safer_77752/27 6:21PM
My Mandibuzz Set (Archived)korVido32/27 6:20PM
Build my team! (Archived)
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Briguy96182/27 6:17PM
lol, it's fun showing people Diancie in trades. They freak out trying to get it. (Archived)
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CarefreeDude162/27 6:15PM
Is it true some of the people from Genius Sonority worked on Pokemon X/Y? (Archived)Chenmaster212/27 6:14PM
So I don't understand Powersaves but... (Archived)kirbydude38522/27 6:13PM
I wish Magmortar had a better nature. (Archived)CookieMarvin42/27 6:11PM
Does killing wifi kill Pokecheck? (Archived)
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HolyCorsair172/27 6:10PM
Which is scarier? (Poll)
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DrakJay132/27 6:09PM
How does Nintendo discontinuing DS online affect Pokebank (Archived)lufia22102/27 6:07PM
Just got the game, did they fix the whole Lumiose City Save Glitch? (Archived)ajko00062/27 6:06PM
Powersave question about Regions (Archived)pewpewnomnom32/27 6:05PM
Free Distribution Question (Archived)OCD-Pokemon12/27 6:03PM