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Gracidea flower isnt working anymore :S (Archived)jofotran2152/15 9:48PM
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Transferring Scolipede (Archived)
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metroidfan987122/15 9:40PM
Is there any reason why I shouldn't evolve Growlithe if... (Archived)omnibassSP032/15 9:39PM
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I really don't know how I keep on winning these things (Archived)kukiburra32/15 9:37PM
Why is Bank letting me transfer hacked Pokemon (Archived)
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jb08045312/15 9:36PM
This is your E4 team (Archived)
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0AbsolutZero0212/15 9:30PM
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Adamant Charizard w/ Belly Drum, Substitute, Focus Punch, and Roost? (Archived)Manny_San602102/15 9:26PM
Rate my showdown OU team (Archived)jimbiz12/15 9:21PM
So I have an 18+ hour car ride tomorrow morning... (Archived)
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KiteDistel712/15 9:19PM
Who watches Trainer PR videos? (Archived)
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AviaraBlue112/15 9:16PM
Most Forgoton Pokemon? (Archived)
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CasualShawn652/15 9:13PM
Twitch viewers are going to be stuck at the ledge again ... (Archived)Chenmaster232/15 9:13PM
So now we can get 6th gen HA with move tutor moves. (Archived)ShadowUmbreon4232/15 9:12PM
what if you could dress up/make up/accessorize your pokemon in amie (Archived)Tatakai-No-Kami72/15 9:08PM
What features that are common in Pokemon would you miss most? (Archived)TC983462/15 9:07PM