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Had these been the evolutions of Spritzee and Swirlix... (Archived)
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TheSnubbz122/7 2:44PM
Perfect Breeding question. (Archived)achimed62/7 2:43PM
Sweet Scent not triggering Horde battle? (Archived)Sephiroth032782/7 2:41PM
Eeveelution questions (Archived)
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GeekyKitten122/7 2:38PM
Soo what's the point in trading shiny legendaries for other stuff? (Archived)
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Plasma EXE132/7 2:35PM
Easiest way to level up Pokemon (Archived)marioluigi6789062/7 2:34PM
Pokegen pokemon are not going through? (Archived)Heroicmoises52/7 2:33PM
Where are some good places to train post-game? (Archived)
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snacktimeguy132/7 2:32PM
Problems transfering legit Pokemon in Poke Transporter (Archived)
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drewmaru282/7 2:31PM
What is the best EV spread for Bisharp? (Archived)A_Sevenfold666142/7 2:27PM
Yet another topic about Poke Transporter inconsistent "hack" checker (Archived)
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andrescapo_132/7 2:22PM
Dream Radar blocked through Transporter, anyone else having this? (Archived)ShadowSylis12/7 2:21PM
Golduck won't really be affected by wonder room all that much? (Archived)legendrider12/7 2:19PM
So I just got a shiny ST, Wish, Body Slam, Return Kanga through bank (Archived)Godly_Goof72/7 2:17PM
why are reset bags so rare? (Archived)
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Oreos74142/7 2:13PM
So can someone tell me how,,, (Archived)
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PDT1227132/7 2:13PM
is a shiny shaymin possible (Archived)SHADOW010682/7 2:07PM
Post bank and the trade boards are still too fast.. (Archived)aburame1362/7 2:07PM
Should.. (Poll)MegaSableye82/7 2:07PM
Shiny Jirachi and Manaphy? (Archived)Bugorchestra82/7 2:05PM