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WTF Pokebank? (Archived)
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FightingPolygon232/16 1:54AM
Wow, Cressalia can take a +2 sucker punch from M Khanga (Archived)
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Duthos142/16 1:51AM
Hacking the hax maison. (Archived)
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Samurontai192/16 1:51AM
What is your counter to Mega Heracross? (Archived)
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Second_Hokage262/16 1:44AM
What up with the Animal Crossing New Leaf trading board and Pokemon? (Archived)bfidle52/16 1:32AM
Streetpass Data not working! Plz Help! (Archived)polarwind162/16 1:32AM
My Charmander IVs Q? (Archived)UnknownRagnarok72/16 1:28AM
Best places to get EXP by level? (Archived)KillerGarcian62/16 1:09AM
When breeding, which power item passes down the Speed IV? (Archived)illusivedude32/16 12:46AM
Which of the 3 pokemon in the poll do you like best? (Poll)porygon_z_12932/16 12:39AM
Can you use non-Kalos Bred Pokemon? (Archived)Jdaking62/16 12:32AM
shiny charm.. (Archived)Omega407042/16 12:31AM
Pokegen question (Archived)Chaotix41062/16 12:26AM
Shiny Froakie in Pokemon Y Trade (Archived)Steven_19032/16 12:24AM
Does anyone here read Pokemon Special? (Archived)
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YamiJustin202/16 12:24AM
So has anyone (Archived)porygon_z_12952/16 12:22AM
Pretty proud of my efforts. (Archived)Trainer_Lukas22/16 12:19AM
So I've captured 6 shinies this week... (Archived)
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CrazyLikeAPhox122/16 12:19AM
Would it be too OP to have someone that activates Gravity by switching in? (Archived)
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TC9834122/16 12:16AM
Focus blast missed 5 times in the row (Archived)
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ArcXenos192/16 12:05AM