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i hate hordes (Archived)james00922323/25 7:46AM
Mega Evolution for Hitmonchan/Lee/Top next gen? (Poll)WolfJounin43/25 7:45AM
after clone my pokemon using Powersaves Nintendo block my Pokemon X cartridge (Archived)
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jm_plata633/25 7:33AM
The steel loss to ghost and dark resistance was necessary otherwise it'd be too (Archived)Chenmaster283/25 7:21AM
which is better between 252 HP EV or 128 def + 128 sp def EV? (Archived)samxmas93/25 7:18AM
Do you think these are necessary for an all-round team? (Archived)RomanticWaluigi43/25 7:16AM
People sell Pokemon on eBay??? (Archived)SoulessMagi83/25 7:03AM
Suggestions for a physical wall? (Archived)joey11223103/25 7:01AM
Fairy's impact on the metagame. (Poll)
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MegaSableye253/25 7:00AM
The kind of people you find on showdown. (Archived)Boon_Siew_Fariq13/25 6:54AM
Accelgor moveset (Archived)vinhamon23/25 6:46AM
Favorite Pokemon of each type? (Archived)
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LRodC393/25 6:37AM
Physically defensive Skill Swap Sylveon is so good! (Archived)FightingPolygon93/25 6:23AM
Choice Specs Primeape Beats Celebi (Archived)jb0804593/25 6:21AM
I still can't get over the fact that D/P only had a single fire poke ... (Archived)wolf rider73/25 5:56AM
C/D: Delphox is an awkward Fire-Type Evo. (Archived)EdwardoMario1683/25 5:56AM
Guess what everyone!!! Noivern gets Serene Grace! (Archived)psp310b93/25 5:55AM
Yeah, so I just missed 4 Fire Blasts in one match. (Archived)
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StirFriday293/25 5:51AM
Why do the mega eon twins look the same? (Archived)
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Xavuu173/25 5:50AM
Scizor is freaking awesome! (Archived)
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hodelino213/25 5:49AM