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How to always win the Loto-ID (Unlimited master balls, PP Max) NEED POKETRANSFER (Archived)minun7372/16 6:52PM
Make some Assault Vest Sets (Which pokemon is great with that item?) (Archived)
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Carlos994412/16 6:50PM
Smogon's next Suspect test!?!!! (Archived)
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legendxofxsky162/16 6:49PM
Nicknames? (Archived)Mark111762/16 6:49PM
Game restart checklist. (Archived)xeviq42/16 6:45PM
Reshiram Stats.... (Poll)-Raven52/16 6:44PM
How do I find the random hiker in the hotel? (Archived)
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RemixDeluxe132/16 6:43PM
Why don't they just let us have enough space in-game for each possible Pokemon? (Archived)
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imdebomb2112/16 6:43PM
C/D: Every fully evolved pokemon should be viable in competitive play. (Archived)
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KryptoPyro13532/16 6:39PM
Twitch plays Pokemon continues! (Archived)Habefiet32/16 6:37PM
What were ways Mew became available in the US from 3rd gen and up? (Archived)
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RemixDeluxe132/16 6:36PM
This is why Smogon doesn't listen to the playerbase (Archived)
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Rad_Dudesman122/16 6:35PM
Twitch plays pokemon (Archived)
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itsmeaustin5002/16 6:32PM
Can the move re-learner tutor pre-evo only moves? (Archived)SilverSock82/16 6:23PM
Giveaway, Come Join! (Archived)raymond200047612/16 6:22PM
YR: They make a mega kangaskhanite... (Archived)pafbonk62/16 6:22PM
Does a Pokemon from a different OT gain EVs at double the rate? (Archived)firedude75032/16 6:19PM
what a poor sport... (Archived)jdeo199792/16 6:18PM
Reminder: Smogon's format is not an offical format (Archived)
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ForgottenTime242/16 6:15PM
So which Mega evolutions are Uber/banned at the moment? (Archived)Emi328082/16 6:08PM