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looking for english arceus (Archived)anthony15762/6 5:25AM
Umm....arent HA Lugia and Ho-oh unreleased? (Archived)
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El_Chourico142/6 5:20AM
The best thing about Bank (Archived)GilgameshSwords42/6 5:19AM
... so the server has been locked. [Message] (Archived)rey2102/6 5:08AM
Lol at people who paid money for hacked pokemon (Archived)inFAMOUSJakey22/6 5:07AM
How do you change what you receive from bank? (Archived)gg13282/6 5:06AM
What do you think should I do? (Wonderlocke Related) (Archived)sunnyeong72/6 5:05AM
Where's my celebi (Archived)gofghxg72/6 5:04AM
I got a kangaskhan with body slam past the bank (Archived)SmellyVonBeli62/6 5:03AM
So I'm preparing for a battle need some help. (Archived)darker9562/6 4:52AM
advice for teambuilding replacements (Archived)detroitwillfall22/6 4:48AM
What does the hack check look for if I may ask? (Archived)
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RemixDeluxe332/6 4:43AM
Pokemon Bank - Move all Pokemon in Transfer Box at once? (Archived)
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moothead112/6 4:42AM
Why does Game Freak always remove features that were in other games? (Archived)
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Sleeping_King902/6 4:30AM
Pokemon SeaRuby and Pokemon StarSapphire (Archived)Brandon04248772/6 4:29AM
Oval charm problems? (Archived)Tomudall72/6 4:18AM
What are the benefits of that Celebi with Hold Back? (Archived)FryDays500022/6 4:10AM
Is this a good Mewtwo Y? (Archived)
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Zero Beat172/6 4:08AM
Not played competitively since mid-way Gen IV (Pt/HG/SS) (Archived)shadowreaper712/6 4:04AM
Sketching moves on Smeargles without Exp/EV gain? (Archived)ElNurgling42/6 4:00AM