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So who all can learn Acrobatics and Technician? (Archived)
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dotsgalore218113/25 9:46PM
Hidden power breeding... (Archived)Vadmac103/25 9:24PM
Do I need to give Jigglypuff/Wigglytuff a certain item to breed Igglybuff? (Archived)
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GalaxyEmperor113/25 9:04PM
yo, what's the deal with special pokeballs? (Archived)
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smalls56183/25 9:00PM
Sheer force totodile? (Archived)RoyalYeo83/25 8:59PM
Opinion: Game content in X/Y was half-assed in favor of aesthetics (Archived)
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XGamer549443/25 8:41PM
new to IVs (Archived)
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smalls56133/25 8:37PM
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Game Logic: Theres a Black Out. We will put construction workers everywhere and (Archived)Splatulated93/25 8:27PM
Your Reaction - Hidden Ability Rotom becomes a thing (Archived)
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DigiWillpower143/25 8:19PM
How would an Inkay evolve in the anime? (Archived)
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bioshockjack173/25 8:18PM
Seems like the chances for flinching and critical hits are higher this gen. (Archived)LightningAce1133/25 8:06PM
can you trade clothing (Archived)Splatulated53/25 8:04PM
ITT: Dumbest Pokemon theories (Archived)zelionx43/25 8:04PM
New Pokemon Idea: Thunhalla: The Lightning Warrior Pokemon. (Archived)
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Duncanwii293/25 8:02PM
Does Protean cure paralysis/poison/burn? (Archived)Dembonez1953/25 7:53PM
So I was visiting Laverre City (Archived)PrettyTonyTiger83/25 7:50PM