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...What makes Kalos-Bred Pokemon so valuable? Help a Noob understand. >_> (Archived)
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GatedSunOne192/7 8:12AM
Hitmontop looks like a muppet in this game. (Archived)cocomunga22/7 8:11AM
Anyone know forretress move set in the friend safari? (Archived)firegreen1052/7 8:10AM
Moltres Nature - Modest or Timid? (Archived)MeroV192/7 8:04AM
Is it just me or has the trade board been extremely quite since pokebank came (Archived)calender6852/7 8:04AM
Why cant I use "Multi-move" in Pokebank? (Archived)gbatt72/7 7:59AM
Haunter Evolution Question (Archived)ActionButler82/7 7:57AM
Why does showdown never work for me? (Archived)drlolimaster12/7 7:57AM
Compound Eyes Vivillon (Archived)
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PokeMaster211202/7 7:56AM
Bullet Punch or Mach Punch for Iron Fist Hitmonchan? (Archived)
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hodelino122/7 7:46AM
how does pokedit work with pokebank? (Archived)RadiantVaporeon102/7 7:39AM
Do you need the National Dex to trade for a Bank Pokemon? (Archived)Brad52762/7 7:37AM
Thinking of naming my shiny Honedge "Blackfyre" (Archived)clayton112342/7 7:34AM
A strange thing with shinies. (Archived)
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Agnostpenguin112/7 7:33AM
cloned mons get through (Archived)Dantromon12/7 7:31AM
Passerbys from obscure countries/nationalities? (Archived)Smartkick72/7 7:30AM
Event Celebi question. (Archived)JudgeMaster42/7 7:27AM
LF: 5-6IV shinies I don't have / Nicknamable 4-5iv Shinies FT:5-6iv shiny (340+) (Archived)Dark04Saturn32/7 7:26AM
Help with completion using the bank (Archived)mrpiston32/7 7:24AM
My Uber team is ready! Bwahahaha (Archived)
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Rave_Pimp182/7 7:19AM