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POLL: Do you use Smogon Rules/Clauses/Banlists? (Poll)
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Finally, my boy Exeggutor takes the stage in X/Y (Ubers style) (Archived)
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Cpt_Calamity113/2 5:41PM
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Which Delphox set is the best? (Poll)
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SorrySleeping213/2 5:32PM
It seems like most the competitors suck these days. (Archived)
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pokemon2poker163/2 5:31PM
greatest Battle Spot victory? (Archived)moltres_rider33/2 5:31PM
BEST Pokemon Based on inanimate objects? (Poll)
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ThePokeMan98133/2 5:30PM
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So which is truly THE best new Pokemon? (Poll)
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PokemonYoutube153/2 5:28PM
What Pokemon are based on sci-fi? (Archived)
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ozran213/2 5:26PM
This match is so sad (Archived)PrettyTonyTiger63/2 5:25PM
X gets the awesome Clawitzer and Y gets that wimpy piece of seaweed!? (Archived)
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wolf rider313/2 5:22PM