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Have all 718 Pokemon, only given 2 certificates (Archived)Wagostini83/22 9:25PM
He had Hax, type advantage, and stock advantage and he rage quit?! (Archived)mrvlrdr10193/22 9:23PM
does Japan have a smogon? (Archived)
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ChronoAce343/22 9:19PM
Is it just me or have the visual designs for the Pokemon in the recent gens... (Archived)
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Lord_Vader143/22 8:58PM
Can an event pokemon with a classic ribbon go through pokebank? (Archived)DuuuDe1433/22 8:57PM
Advice for making a Baton Pass team (Archived)iKhan8873/22 8:45PM
Ive been building this team for weeks OT. Watcha think? (Archived)
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Blue_Inigo453/22 8:20PM
Last one tonight (Archived)Dantromon43/22 7:58PM
Drum to my beat (Archived)Dantromon23/22 7:46PM
Assign a trainer class to the person above you. (Archived)
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Lord_Chivalry1133/22 7:42PM
Natures for different Aggron builds? (Archived)Raltrios93/22 7:38PM
I predict next gen Pokemon will be like ni no kuni (Archived)SilentCow96033/22 7:37PM
YR: GF make the bold claim that they'll be focusing on balance in Pokemon Z (Archived)wolf rider73/22 7:36PM
YR: focus energy can now be used multiple times successfully (Archived)SpoonMan5432163/22 7:31PM
a real timeline (Archived)airsoft24673/22 7:26PM
Which games have you clocked the LEAST amount of hours into? (Poll)
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Daisyfanboy503/22 7:26PM
What exactly can I do with an Adamant HA Nidoking? With 31-31-31-31-15-31 IVs? (Archived)
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SteaIth_Rock123/22 7:24PM
Is it possible to get a roaming shiny Legendary Bird? (Archived)green_ninja9793/22 7:24PM
If Prof Oak's middle name started with an A (Archived)
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ChronoAce193/22 7:18PM
No poison legends in 6 gens? (Archived)
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MegaSableye383/22 7:16PM