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Will Gen 5 Movesets work in this Gen? (Archived)DusterZeroG32/27 12:19PM
What's pokegen? (Archived)
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Patriarch105152/27 12:17PM
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Has Powersave Ever Corrupted Your Data? (Poll)raymond200047692/27 12:16PM
Pokemon is the CoD of the RPG industry (Archived)
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Aldath972/27 12:14PM
Are any of the Type Gems besides Normal available yet? (Archived)M1Astray102/27 12:06PM
If you transfer a pokemon from a language version other than english (Archived)kadabrium32/27 11:58AM
Thinking about starting to nickname my pokemon. (Archived)drlolimaster42/27 11:55AM
Soft resetting for Mewtwo, have a question (Archived)Shigmiya6432/27 11:46AM
Yay just got my first shiny through masuda! (Archived)MaskedZelos32/27 11:39AM
YR: mega stone can be removed from an already evolved mega pokemon. (Archived)kadabrium12/27 11:37AM
Pokebank Limits (Archived)TaTaTodayJr32/27 11:34AM
if they makes a dark and fairy pokemon *spoilers for another game* (Archived)Genericgamer66752/27 11:33AM
Lol this much hax (Archived)kadabrium42/27 11:32AM
No more pokegen after May 20th! (Archived)
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Rogue93272/27 11:31AM
Do you feel odd (Smogon Users) (Archived)
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emnizzzle222/27 11:21AM
Help! What do I name this Shiny Quilladin I just found in FS? (Naming Contest) (Archived)
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cgreenw232/27 11:18AM
learned the hard way that fire is defensive against fairy -___- (Archived)gna64772/27 11:13AM
problem with an egg move (Archived)psychic_image92/27 11:12AM
whats the general Slowbro and Slowking sets? (Archived)
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Skull_pro112/27 11:06AM