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Effect spore or poison heal for breloom? (Archived)Oreos7472/19 7:14AM
How do people have 6 iv kalos legendaries? (Archived)
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azuretide132/19 7:03AM
Wonder Trading 5 Mew! (Archived)
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Blackheart0184132/19 7:02AM
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Difference between checks and counters? (Archived)Skull_pro72/19 6:41AM
Mega Mawile will always be the best mega evolution. (Archived)
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UltraKangaskhan122/19 6:30AM
Do you rate speed or power as more important? (Archived)aydosv72/19 6:27AM
Pokemon Black/White or Black2/White2? (Archived)
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WhiteBaitKent162/19 6:27AM
Why do some users hate Smogon rules so vocally? (Archived)
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ChainedRedone1712/19 5:52AM
people keep forfeiting against my stall venasaur... (Archived)
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Splinter_Within182/19 5:39AM
Did they announce what the next game is named? (Archived)henriue62/19 5:29AM