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You should be ashamed if you use OU Pokemon competitively (Archived)
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matdsotm3132/27 7:33PM
ATTN: Powersave people (Archived)SpoonMan5432162/27 7:32PM
Which of these Pokemon should I use alongside my Ferrothorn and Arcanine? (Poll)CakeOfLies32/27 7:25PM
All i want is a -blank- (Archived)Don_of_Blades32/27 7:24PM
Need Help Confirming Legitimacy of Shiny Mew (Archived)Swanzie102/27 7:24PM
Just noticed Grass Knot is a Special move (Archived)kclaujames42/27 7:20PM
Woah, Pokemon Red and Green turned 18 years old today. (Archived)SilentSeph82/27 7:19PM
So both of my buddies are arguing about "Hacked Pokemon" (Archived)
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JudgeMaster152/27 7:19PM
Most Broken Pokemon? (Archived)
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rm8134859192/27 7:16PM
Anyone using the Diancie wondercard code from powersaves come here (Archived)
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RemixDeluxe142/27 7:15PM
255...256.....257!!!! my first shiny egg!! (Archived)
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paipr112/27 7:12PM
RMT RainDrain Doubles (Archived)Vayu_The_End82/27 7:10PM
ITT: Let's continue discussing a new console game. (Poll)
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Biased_Gamer322/27 7:10PM
Working on Baton Pass Team (HALP ME) (Archived)KoolDood77742/27 6:55PM
Question: If I breed a ditto in a Premierball with a --continued inside (Archived)KingNephys102/27 6:52PM
Adaptability Question (Archived)DrakJay42/27 6:44PM
Will you be using power save to get Shinies, legendaries, or maybe to IV breed? (Poll)
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Splinter_Within142/27 6:42PM
help with powersave (Archived)
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ksamos11162/27 6:40PM
YR: Tyranitar gets intimidate. (Archived)
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AvengerV152/27 6:36PM
Bet you didn't know (Archived)
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kirbydude385112/27 6:35PM