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Scizor with Bug Bite? (Archived)
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EwigD122/15 9:04AM
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charizard moveset (Archived)
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Toughest132/15 8:52AM
Why doesn't Eevee + leafstone = Leafeon (Archived)Benify52/15 8:44AM
YR: Overgrow, Torrent, Blaze, and Swarm are changed. (Archived)
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Tequila_Shot132/15 8:44AM
lol UMADBRO (Archived)FizzyFloat32/15 8:43AM
How Treating Dis fellow can be in Baffles (Archived)fedartz52/15 8:39AM
How do you get your Pokemon? (Poll)
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pmaster152/15 8:38AM
How would Air Balloon's usage be affected if... (Archived)TableFlip72/15 8:38AM
How is Heliolisk doing competitively? (Archived)
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abcDSBT292/15 8:22AM
Shiny breeding? (Archived)
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ThatGuyOverDer112/15 8:21AM
Doubles>>Singles>Inverse>Rotation>>>Triples (Archived)
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MechaKirby212/15 8:17AM
Dedenne set? (Archived)LightningHawk9032/15 8:03AM
I have 70 adamant speed boost 5iv torchics (Archived)
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Splinter_Within172/15 8:01AM
"You've trained pikachu well, but it's got a long way to go to beat my surskit" (Archived)
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BackwardCap132/15 8:01AM
Help! IV Breeding Question. (Archived)OurDailyBran42/15 7:58AM
Is Reshiram transferable to Pokemon X? (Poll)-Raven72/15 7:47AM
Does Moonblast Have Priority? (Archived)
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123outerme142/15 7:36AM
Is there a list of must have Hidden Ability Friend Safari Pokemon? (Archived)jeof9652/15 7:36AM