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Is there any potential disadvantage to physical mons having 31 Special Attack IV (Archived)Magikarpus53/22 3:47PM
Do not use Pokemon to pick up girls! (See story) (Archived)
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mrballerswaggin343/22 3:46PM
Help me nickname my team? (Archived)
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pokenoms203/22 3:44PM
These Egg moves for Aron? (Archived)Raltrios33/22 3:35PM
What Pokemon does the username of the person above you remind you of? (Archived)
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FightingPolygon5003/22 3:30PM
Whats your favorite move animation? (Archived)
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Serpent9891143/22 3:27PM
What's Klefki's Egg Move Chain for Switcheroo? (Archived)
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ColoredStars92183/22 3:27PM
Anyone mind telling me what type my friend safari is? (Archived)Tetsujiin23/22 3:24PM
Confirm/Deny Gen V is the only Gen where the fire starter is the worst starter (Archived)
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BigStud0746323/22 3:21PM
Been playing since gen I. Never found a shiny... (Archived)
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Cow Killer133/22 3:16PM
I suddenly remembered this really derpic gen5 game i had (Archived)kadabrium93/22 3:14PM
Shinies arent everything (replay) (Archived)Dathedr-vodhr33/22 3:06PM
Just Testing the Waters: Octillery. (Poll)
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Hydregionzek133/22 3:04PM
Excadrill Help (Archived)MegaSableye33/22 3:04PM
My Pokemon X game just did the sweetest thing ever (Archived)InfamousTouya83/22 3:02PM
Should I keep this Xerneas? (Archived)green_ninja9793/22 3:01PM
Any word on when RU beta will start? (Archived)RAcastBlaster43/22 2:59PM
How is this Yanmega set? (Archived)Vadmac63/22 2:36PM
I Adopted A Pokemon. I Am A Good Person (Archived)
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JohnHalo343163/22 2:31PM
Funny Chandelure nicnames (Archived)Xavuu103/22 2:28PM