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Gendering the Genderless! (Archived)
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henriue133/12 1:09PM
Did you know Crocodilians such as Krookodile & Feraligatr can climb trees? (Archived)
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PrettyTonyTiger143/12 1:05PM
I needed a Nidoking for the pokedex so I went on the GTS. (Archived)Froakiebloke63/12 1:05PM
Why is Musharna not part fairy? (Archived)Muffinz0rz93/12 12:56PM
Musharna fits my team perfectly, but I hate it... how bulky is Eviolite Munna? (Archived)
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M16A4113/12 12:54PM
Help me select a team for online (Archived)BahamutDarkFire63/12 12:52PM
I got Pekerus! (Archived)austingl73/12 12:37PM
Rising A pokemon's happiness (Archived)Mangamusicfan83/12 12:29PM
What are your top 10 must have pokes? (Archived)Vadmac63/12 12:27PM
The "World Tournament" mode debuted too early. (Archived)
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Nightstar1994153/12 12:20PM
What are your top 5 favorite types? (Archived)
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pokemon2poker413/12 11:55AM
Pokebank help (Archived)Andre4833/12 11:54AM
Take that para swagger! (Archived)
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soleedge153/12 11:53AM
Anybody know if this Lucario can pass through the bank and able to be traded? (Archived)jofotran2133/12 11:50AM
If there were a kingdom hearts/pokemon crossover, think Klefki would get... (Archived)
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CarefreeDude223/12 11:46AM
I've been wondering. How did it become so universal in this generation to (Archived)
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Puglia77123/12 11:45AM
Can someone tell me what happened? (Archived)HopesNo1Fan23/12 11:33AM
Should I get pokemon y also? (Archived)Ashthestampede143/12 11:27AM
DD Mega Gyrados is a huge threat ... problem is ... (Archived)
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Chenmaster2253/12 11:19AM
how2breed? (Archived)hikaruangel12433/12 11:15AM