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will this make up for all the route 1 crap i put on wonder trade (Archived)
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SHADOW0106112/7 4:12PM
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shiny nincada is the best (Archived)SHADOW010642/7 4:08PM
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Shiny Charm and Friend Safari does not stack? (Archived)MrFingers0722/7 4:00PM
am i the only one who is gonna smash bridgets box? (Archived)
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Tatakai-No-Kami402/7 3:59PM
Best Move set for a Duskclops holding Eviolite? (Archived)XFirefox45X52/7 3:57PM
Foreign Pokegen Ditto, Success? (Archived)Xerathyn42/7 3:57PM
Well.. that just happened (Archived)
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Ultima_Wraith112/7 3:57PM
Can pokemon relearn move tutor or event moves they knew before? (Archived)Cavious52/7 3:54PM
Alright, you CAN'T say this one isn't Illegal. GG Gamefreak Part II. (Archived)
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ArmoredGuns212/7 3:50PM
Masuda plus Shiny Charm...confirmed? (Archived)
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Pokechamp7707122/7 3:50PM