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How many times have you missed stone edge in a row? (Archived)KaraCharizard1273/2 9:31AM
Finally bit the bullet and bought a 2ds (Archived)
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aj_the_one323/2 9:29AM
Trouble Getting Free Pokemon X/Y Code (Archived)
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The_Undest113/2 9:28AM
Has anyone NOT found a shiny in this game yet? (Archived)
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Mikokiri193/2 9:22AM
question about Gyarados (Archived)GTthunder103/2 9:21AM
Competitive Diancie? (Archived)
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BlueHarvestPOTW443/2 9:20AM
Gardevoir vs Garchomp (Poll)
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-Raven163/2 9:15AM
Your habits when playing (Archived)
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Takaoldaria113/2 9:03AM
Choice Scarf Gallade - Adamant or Jolly? (Archived)Vivisqeq33/2 9:02AM
There's no way to transfer straight from gen 4 to this, is there? (Archived)jerrbear6433/2 8:56AM
I pretty much know the OU metagame but UU is still not ready yet. (Archived)Chenmaster233/2 8:49AM
I miss the Cicken ball event (Archived)fedartz13/2 8:48AM
That feel when you find a horde shiny while horde EV training... (Archived)
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Chaosmaster00123/2 8:35AM
Big Root Yveltal (Archived)
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DrakJay123/2 8:33AM
A question for the people who got the free Pokemon X/Y through the promotion. (Archived)Aarvesan33/2 8:28AM
I have a couple Pokemon questions..... (Archived)-Raven63/2 8:18AM
granbull Vs Gardevoir Vs dedenne (Archived)GTthunder53/2 8:17AM
Sceptile should get a physical Mega evolution (Archived)AvengerV83/2 8:13AM
When you think about it Ghost/Fairy and Dark/Fairy are some of the best coverage (Archived)
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Chenmaster2133/2 8:13AM
What's a good defensive core that includes Avalugg? (Archived)Faust_843/2 8:07AM