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I have come up with a solution to not being able to use attract on same gender.. (Archived)
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Question about breeding (Archived)ShinyCharizard883/25/2014
Stopping Teleport from working.... (Archived)CyberWhiteTiger33/25/2014
What is tormentran (Archived)
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Possible with Toxic, Attract and Confuse ray at once? (Archived)Tacanacy93/25/2014
Mega Banette, horrible? Prankster not working? (Archived)
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lol this guy was so bad (showdown) : (Archived)dioxxys43/25/2014
What kind of trainer are you? (Poll)
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How overcentralizing would Gardevoir with Quiver Dance be? (Archived)
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Is it me or.. (Archived)WorldTrader33/25/2014
My Sligoo isn't evolving (Archived)charman583/25/2014
Wow! Rock Head Tyrantrum with Choice Scarf and Head Smash is amazing! (Archived)hodelino43/25/2014
Entered bug gym went down the pole ALL OF THE NOPE (Archived)Splatulated73/25/2014
GameFAQS Create a Pokemon (GCaP) last try (Archived)
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Delphox is starting to look damn fine to me lately (Archived)BluntGrunt53/25/2014
A glorious end to a loooong bout of breeding! Aron (4-egg move) WT Giveaway! (Archived)Raltrios43/25/2014
Just started watching the B/W tv series, 4 episodes in, and... (Archived)sonofkorol43/25/2014
HELP what should my last pokemon on my team be? (Archived)
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Pokecheck (Archived)FightingPolygon23/25/2014
Illegal combinations you'd make! (Archived)
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