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pokemon showdown is a TERRIBLE program (Archived)
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Tatakai-No-Kami353/8 2:07AM
First try at MM and is a success (Archived)Tatan_9333/8 1:50AM
Just wondering if this would work....? (Archived)spealfan44493/8 1:48AM
So do people only use Powersaves because their bank trial is finished? (Archived)yoshirulezzz63/8 1:47AM
What do I do? (ITT: first world problems) (Archived)zman1953/8 1:42AM
What is Egglocke and Wonderlocke? (Archived)Amourshipping93/8 1:40AM
I like 6v6 singles better than 3v3 singles, but I can't bring myself to go back. (Archived)84Mantines43/8 1:23AM
Wait, I'm the only one that doesn't always forget about Maractus? (Archived)
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DarthNightmaric183/8 1:10AM
No, no, NOOOOOOO!! (Archived)
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FightingPolygon143/8 1:05AM
Best dual screen user in the ubers tier? (Archived)Xiocamie53/8 1:04AM
What are some of the more underrated pokemon in X/Y? (Archived)Stanemac1233/8 12:57AM
ITT: We predict future Eevolution names. (Archived)
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ZeldaTPLink323/8 12:49AM
Do you still play Black and White/2? (Poll)
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Mcnugget2256373/8 12:43AM
Helix joke taken too far? (Archived)
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ShadowUmbreon42353/8 12:30AM
oh my god this battle (Archived)kirbydude38533/8 12:20AM
Does Powersaves change the PID when making a pokemon shiny? (Archived)
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TableFlip303/8 12:20AM
"Let's have a doubles matchup with non-BnB pokemons" (Archived)BrockObana83/8 12:09AM
Favorites! (Archived)chibbymew23/7 11:36PM
Trade Boards (Archived)Alex91Morriss33/7 11:21PM
can I use pokegen'd in battle spot and stuff without getting banned? (Archived)itseasyreally73/7 11:10PM