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On the File Select Screen, it says I have "Ver. 1.2", does this mean? (Archived)EvilBeards23/20 4:01PM
Oblivion Wing heals through sub O_o (Archived)WolfJounin93/20 4:01PM
Why Gen 1's storyline makes this game's storyline look like a joke (Archived)
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SilverZangoose563/20 3:58PM
I am unbeatable at making Diggersby move sets! (Archived)Hydregionzek33/20 3:58PM
I'm unbeatable at wifi on this game (Archived)Wandering__Hero23/20 3:57PM
HP Ice on Houndoom? (Archived)
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MoxieAdrenaline133/20 3:56PM
LeadChomp is best Chomp. (Archived)
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StirFriday163/20 3:53PM
I am unbeatable at rotations (Archived)MahoganyTooth9253/20 3:47PM
What if Bonerang now did super effective damage to Flying Types (Archived)
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legendrider243/20 3:47PM
EVs and moveset around a Hasty Yveltal (Archived)Tyranidomega83/20 3:45PM
Opinions on agility based metagross? (Archived)
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HypnoG173/20 3:44PM
Misheard Lyrics (Archived)tirelat13/20 3:44PM
Vivillon vs a full health Heatran and Rotom-W without prior set up (Archived)Jayroach283/20 3:43PM
Last moveslot on my Chandelure? (Archived)Ventwig53/20 3:41PM
Pokemon is NOT competetive (Archived)
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Freestylerking343/20 3:40PM
lmao imagine how broken all the megas would be if they megavolved instantly (Archived)StirFriday53/20 3:39PM
My arceus wont transfer! (Archived)
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catlord44193/20 3:38PM
Shiny Charm Questions (Archived)Amourshipping33/20 3:37PM
any version exclusive stuff besides the few pokemon and the megastones? (Archived)Phweengee23/20 3:33PM
Omg sableye op, pls ban (Archived)
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Falchionne183/20 3:16PM