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Need a physical wall for my (Archived)
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I just had a passerby battle request. .. (Archived)
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Your favorite fictional characters... (Archived)TrainerAura93/26/2014
Just hatched a Shiny Tyrunt, wut do? (Archived)
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Perfect or Almost Perfect IV Ditto Question. (Archived)
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Never done this before - Jigglypuff (Archived)
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I'm Playing Pokemon Y and am currently in route 6... (Archived)Skull_pro53/26/2014
What pushed Bisharp to OU? (Archived)
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So with DS online being shut off May 20th (Archived)richisdisturbed53/26/2014
Weakness Policy Starmie is fun (Archived)Magikarpus63/26/2014
What does Cookie Cutter mean? (Archived)DrakJay83/26/2014
If you could only pick 6 for your ingame team which ones (Archived)WTFNightmare63/26/2014
I messed up and bred Adamant Zubat for Defog. Is it still usable? (Archived)Relixed33/26/2014
Any Place (Single Player) To Auto Level Pokemon to Level 50+? (Archived)The_Undest33/26/2014
Physical Attacker Empoleon,, (Archived)Tablechan23/26/2014
LOL FAIL! Who's Noticed This? (Archived)
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Finally got around to watching Origins (Archived)richisdisturbed43/26/2014
Powersaves help? (Archived)MegaSableye83/26/2014
YR: A reverse Sheer Force is introduced (Archived)
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Breeding pinsir (Archived)
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