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Whats up with all these M-Lucario threads? (Archived)Dante204982/14 8:06PM
YR: GameFreak releases patch 1.3 next month (Archived)
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zelionx232/14 8:00PM
New legendary pokemon confirmed (Archived)
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sahilmohammad172/14 7:59PM
shiny legends in xy question (Archived)Alphapac32/14 7:53PM
Question about pokemon that evolve through evolution stones (Archived)Dancouga_Nova32/14 7:52PM
Just want to say Happy Valentines to all the female Pokemon fans! (Archived)
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PrettyTonyTiger452/14 7:47PM
I finally understand the hate for evasion... (Archived)
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Skull_pro112/14 7:47PM
Let's Give All The Pokemon Unique Abilities (Archived)
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Bobsplosion172/14 7:45PM
transform question (Archived)dowbear232/14 7:41PM
how would you have felt if swoobat had evolved into noivern (Archived)paipr22/14 7:41PM
when breeding for IV's: (Archived)PaladinAlik32/14 7:39PM
Haha rage quit!! (Archived)FizzyFloat62/14 7:38PM
Does anyone else feel weird using a Normal Type move on a non-normal type? (Archived)
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ShadowUmbreon42122/14 7:38PM
That Trainer Card! (Archived)MjnMixael62/14 7:38PM
What did I do wrong (Archived)
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NeedProteanFroa182/14 7:36PM
Attack IV's (Archived)helloothar52/14 7:36PM
Your reaction, Hoopa gets Prankster (Archived)
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Morningstar1337242/14 7:31PM
Think of your fav Poke before entering (Archived)
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Blue_Inigo492/14 7:31PM
Which male protagonist has the coolest outfit? (Poll)
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aliashubbatch212/14 7:31PM
pain split isn't an option for my rotom-w.. (Archived)Splinter_Within32/14 7:28PM