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GameFAQS Create a Pokemon project (CaP) (Archived)
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Hydregionzek233/24 9:47AM
What novel battles should replace the epic fail that was sky battles? (Archived)
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wolf rider443/24 9:47AM
Is it safe to say items wont transfer to gen 7 as well? (Archived)rhynok173/24 9:43AM
Good blazikens don't use protect (Archived)
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gamepimp12123/24 9:40AM
Which 4 moves for Nidoking? (Archived)Magikarpus73/24 9:28AM
Is there a PKMN/Set that can guarantee a ko if the opponent can't switch out? (Archived)
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jb08045143/24 9:18AM
Gardevoirs sheer force shot my game card away (Archived)Lord_Chivalry103/24 9:10AM
My Story Pokemon Y:Cody's Tale 4 Chapters (Archived)
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Catalyst586113/24 9:00AM
Doubles Slowbro Ability (Archived)MegaMawile1473/24 8:50AM
My diggersby laughs at me for playing pokemon (Archived)
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Falchionne133/24 8:42AM
Cannot seem to get my Powersaves to work on X or Y. (Archived)
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kagenoronin87163/24 8:42AM
Stored Power on Male Meowstic (Archived)HHDeception33/24 8:19AM
Funny ragequit (Archived)SalsaSavant43/24 8:18AM
Question regarding Vaporeon and it's HA (Archived)
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shinexcel133/24 8:18AM
Need help for last move on Mega-Venusaur (Archived)Heisenburro83/24 8:04AM
What is the absolute worst trade you've ever seen on the GTS? (Archived)
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FoundAUsername683/24 7:59AM
Valerie's gym (Archived)Emerald_Melios33/24 7:56AM
who do you like to use with... (Archived)Hail_Berserk23/24 7:52AM
Need nickname for my Shiny Scizor! (Archived)
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hodelino313/24 7:39AM
*Wants a sun stone* (Archived)pikachupwnage83/24 7:34AM