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Smogon banned Mega Lucario and Genesect (Archived)
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_KGC_3392/25 12:11PM
What can i get for shiny regigigas and victini and shiny pikachu (Archived)MrSwagLord32/25 12:10PM
no mega no legendaries 6v6 (Archived)djpartyschleb22/25 12:06PM
How do i (Archived)heavyarmsjim3722/25 12:06PM
With a powersave... (Archived)Callista0832/25 12:04PM
Anyone has an extra Amulet coin? (Archived)Amourshipping52/25 12:00PM
Mega charizard x, why is it so good? (Archived)
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pcmike2352/25 11:59AM
What are all the decent fighting pokemon in pokemon x/y? (Archived)mj_webb12/25 11:57AM
So this new Power Saves thing can back up your save file? (Archived)Leafy10122/25 11:55AM
is there a way to get Celebi or Mew without cheating? (Archived)
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mj_webb182/25 11:53AM
What happens if Gardevoir traces a pokemon with big pecks? (Archived)
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CreepyGuy2007112/25 11:50AM
Guidance on a friend's team (Archived)Bugorchestra22/25 11:40AM
So, is there any way to catch up on all the twitch madness now or when it's done (Archived)Blazekicker2782/25 11:39AM
What are things that can OHKO Conkledurr (Archived)
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PrettyTonyTiger422/25 11:33AM
If Ryuko Matoi was a Pokemon Trainer. (Archived)Nightstar199432/25 11:24AM
They should add an electric type for starter pokemon. (Archived)Lylat_Cruiser72/25 11:19AM
is the max amount of EV's 508 or 512? (Archived)Oreos7492/25 11:14AM
I need some advice (Archived)Br3aking8ad52/25 11:11AM
Does shiny charm work? (Archived)vinhamon82/25 11:09AM
I wanna say this is pretty close to my final Doubles Team (Archived)Inferno0522/25 11:07AM