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Why is it that when I press dont include special pokes I still see em? (Archived)Blue_Inigo63/19 9:36AM
Scope lens and razor claw (Archived)Chaos4629063/19 9:29AM
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Do you consider Latios and Latias the COUPLES Pokemon Or Siblings Pokemon? (Archived)
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JudgeMaster533/19 9:06AM
Been toying w/ a Battle Spot Doubles Trick Room team, advice to improve it? (Archived)
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TheJester2243/19 9:05AM
The most annoying team ever. (Archived)ZeldaTPLink43/19 9:03AM
Can't win consistently in online battles. :( (Archived)
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Bryon28223/19 8:59AM
These four players really make me scratch my head... (Archived)GatedSunOne93/19 8:52AM
Alright i found the most pathetic friend safari (Archived)
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WorldTrader233/19 8:41AM
Quick PSS question. (Archived)Ultitled33/19 8:33AM
Got powersave pro don't see Diancie, AZ Floette codes/Latias Stones. (Archived)
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Skettro143/19 8:18AM
YR: Acid and Acid Spray become super-effective against Steel-types (Archived)
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PokemonYoutube343/19 7:58AM
Split Evo discussion, Day 1: Gloom (Poll)
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henriue133/19 7:58AM
Dangit, Game Freak. I want a Shiny Celebi. (Archived)thebrawler5673/19 7:49AM
What city or town would you like to live at in each region? (Archived)
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adismaltheft233/19 7:48AM
C/D Steel type should have been called Metal type (Poll)hopelessurchin103/19 7:42AM
How does it feel to understand? (Archived)On_The_Edge63/19 7:29AM
Guard Swap is amazing (Archived)Lord_Chivalry43/19 7:15AM
Best Dragon? (Archived)
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KoolDood777783/19 7:14AM
An insight into Pokemon before we knew it as Pokemon (Archived)PkmTrainerAbram83/19 7:01AM