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No poison legends in 6 gens? (Archived)
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MegaSableye383/22 7:16PM
Strongest team ? Aeiglash / Talonflame / Garchomp / Rotom W / Azumaril / Greninj (Archived)
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neo1mark223/22 7:08PM
Which is a better Talonflame check/counter? (Poll)SuprSaiyanRockr93/22 7:05PM
What things in Pokemon have you had to explain to your non-poke playing friends? (Archived)
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WolfJounin133/22 6:59PM
Think I have this whole Showdown thing figured out so far... (Archived)Ethanb90023/22 6:51PM
Hitmonchan vs Conkeldurr (obvious results...), just want to discuss. (Archived)
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WolfJounin143/22 6:43PM
Ability Idea: Reconstruction (Archived)
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NuclearCoffee123/22 6:40PM
Are a large portion of taunt users weak to ice? (Archived)aydosv33/22 6:40PM
What's a good anti-prankster? (Archived)
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SuprSaiyanRockr303/22 6:35PM
Is this game on top of the boards because it's better than Y? (Archived)clavat103/22 6:34PM
Move Relarner and Prior Evolution moves (Archived)Animako23/22 6:34PM
Is Serperoir fast enough, or should I give it an Agility Baton Pass? (Archived)navi85443/22 6:31PM
Snorlax ---> Curse vs Whirlwind (Poll)Dilleux83/22 6:20PM
So how long until Gamefreak announces? (Archived)
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Aurawhisperer493/22 6:15PM
What option do you like best in this poll (Poll)jEr3mY43/22 6:14PM
Is this a viable Jynx set? (Archived)
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PokemonFan665143/22 6:13PM
Need Help on my team! (Archived)Tablechan93/22 6:12PM
Good set for a trick room porygon2 with 31/x/31/31/31/0 (Archived)aydosv53/22 6:10PM
C/D: Gamefreak should bring back N and Cynthia for Pokemon Z (or X/Y 2). (Poll)
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itzzjustinYEAH143/22 6:09PM
So, what do you mainly use Pokemon Bank for? (Archived)
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SalsaSavant263/22 6:08PM