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Showdown now shows ads, how long until they get a cease and desist? (Archived)
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pcmike2553/10 3:11PM
Why am I unable to find mega stones? (Archived)Chaos4629073/10 3:08PM
Honeedge sword in reallife (Archived)sahilmohammad33/10 3:07PM
Hey, I think I figured out the connection between anime and games. (Archived)DarthNightmaric33/10 3:04PM
LOL VALERiE (Poll)yoshirulezzz93/10 2:57PM
Trying build a good OU team (Archived)
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Goul111243/10 2:55PM
So the enemys Garchomp used Brick Break... (Archived)
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hodelino133/10 2:53PM
Is there a name for Hydreigon/Sylveon shipping (Archived)
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kadabrium273/10 2:51PM
how to have dragonite learn fire punch? (Archived)smalls5673/10 2:50PM
C/D Hidden Power shop in next pokemon game. (Archived)Rainbowgloom93/10 2:49PM
How easy is it to catch ditto? (Archived)STAYNDEBOKZRZ33/10 2:48PM
Can Kingler learn superpower? (Archived)hodelino73/10 2:48PM
Ursaring is bretty gud (Archived)Xtremepieman13/10 2:41PM
What are the chances of me catching a 6IV ditto ingame? (Archived)
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Blue_Inigo343/10 2:39PM
Man at Arms makes Pokemon Honedge (Archived)Lil_Bit8333/10 2:34PM
Rate my Tyrantrum set (Archived)DusterZeroG43/10 2:28PM
Here's something "novelty" about this artwork (Archived)GangstaLizard9543/10 2:24PM
ITT: Post moves that strangely/surprisingly CAN'T be used by a certain Pokemon. (Archived)
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-Unowninator-553/10 2:24PM
For all you Honedge fans!!! (Archived)paipr73/10 2:24PM
Tail Glow Mega Mewtwo Y (Archived)
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msbeth113/10 2:23PM