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Battle Spot Gender Makeup (Archived)Phenom1343/20 9:34AM
EV spread for Cosmic Clefable (Archived)lostaname43/20 9:18AM
ITT we post replays of the AI being repeatedly royally screwed by RNG (Archived)Reptobismol93/20 9:16AM
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Ban Grasswhistle. (Archived)
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00bularn00bular123/20 8:53AM
So is Shuckle still the highest potential damage dealer? (Archived)
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themegaman7303/20 8:23AM
Well it's official, Swagger is now banned in OU and in lower tiers. (Archived)
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_KGC_643/20 8:23AM
How does Contrary work with Power Split / Power Trick? (Archived)Toothpaste4443/20 8:19AM
changes you would've made (Archived)
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Jarrak283/20 8:01AM
YR: Entertainment becomes a TM and every Pokemon can learn it (Archived)
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FightingPolygon573/20 8:01AM
Can you pass an ability in some way other than entrainment? (Archived)LaLiLLuLeLo93/20 8:00AM
Transfering Pre-traded Black and White Pokemon to Bank (Archived)TheGreatEater33/20 8:00AM
Give the Eeveelutions mega forms (Archived)
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iKhan88223/20 7:56AM
Problem, trainer? (Archived)joey1122323/20 7:56AM
Smeargle set for Multi/Double Battle in Maison? (Archived)flamedtechno43/20 7:55AM
Most annoying Aerodactly ever f***s with me alongside his buddies Scizor/Rotom! (Archived)Oshawottownage53/20 7:49AM
What's a good replacement for Rotom? (Archived)
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franza12133/20 7:46AM
So, any reason to use Surf over Scald in singles this gen? (Archived)Rad_Dudesman43/20 7:39AM
Heatmor widely booed in the streets (smogon) (info) (Archived)
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TurboAE86383/20 7:38AM
Kalos Mega Gardy (Archived)Lord_Chivalry13/20 7:26AM