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Adaptability vs Tough Claws vs Sheer Force vs X-ate (Archived)
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DemiseEnd262/16 9:34PM
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Favorite Pokemon YouTuber? (Archived)firedude75052/16 9:10PM
Gonna use Bank to store a living Pokedex for future games (Archived)NOM82/16 9:07PM
Do you think tipping does anything? (Poll)
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CakeOfLies142/16 8:45PM
How would the pokemon statium announcer comment on kalos's gym leaders? (Archived)tremain0782/16 8:43PM
So i'm gonna start a Character Challenge (Archived)
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Rommyent122/16 8:41PM
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Black Sludge affects Steel Pokemon? (Archived)kclaujames32/16 8:32PM
If you breed two Stoutland that know Play Rough, would the resulting (Archived)the_cajun8842/16 8:32PM
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Im a member of the westboro baptist church will i like this game (Archived)djmetal77762/16 8:27PM