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Wish you could Multi battle online in battle maison (Archived)Domino17171732/16 10:07PM
Rejoice! Genesect is banned :) (Archived)
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Jmandal182/16 10:05PM
Pinsir is probably next. Then the Zards and after that Venusaur. (Archived)
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pafbonk342/16 10:04PM
Non-31 Atk IV lower Zygarde's effectiveness? (Archived)Rekhaizen22/16 9:53PM
It will take 2336 spots in Bank to hold every single Pokemon (Archived)
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SpoonMan54321252/16 9:51PM
Most annoying member of my future team? (Poll)Mikokiri92/16 9:50PM
Do you think Pokemon should grow up with its audience? (Archived)
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levyjl1988502/16 9:44PM
Arceus shouldn't be banned. (Archived)Meta289102/16 9:44PM
To those that had shiny fled in safari (Archived)
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gamemaster712112/16 9:42PM
I'm glad genesect was banned. (Archived)LightningAce1132/16 9:42PM
Item limit? (Archived)toon_link_34622/16 9:38PM
Showdown is now using X/Y's 3d models (Archived)Taiphlosion102/16 9:37PM
HAHAHAHAHA (showdown video inside) (Archived)MysteriousZ92/16 9:36PM
Keldeo Uber? (Archived)GameReviewer142/16 9:35PM
Adaptability vs Tough Claws vs Sheer Force vs X-ate (Archived)
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DemiseEnd262/16 9:34PM
C/D Smogon should add 4-player Multi battles to Showdown (Archived)Puppyfaic62/16 9:32PM
Ribbon Team? (Archived)D412kKn16h762/16 9:32PM
My team so far. Thoughts? Suggestions? (Archived)ThatGuyOverDer62/16 9:28PM
Future Pokemon games' release date (Archived)Ku-Ri-Boh22/16 9:21PM
OMFG Look at this (Archived)likeabosssss52/16 9:17PM