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I just got matched up against someone with 1792 rating in Doubles... (Archived)Gardevoir_ex13/10 6:57AM
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Gen 5 pokemon (Archived)
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Omega4070153/10 6:46AM
How much would you be willing to spend to change a Pokemon's nature? (Archived)cgreenw83/10 6:31AM
Battle Maison streaks. (Archived)
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Dantromon143/10 6:29AM
How am I so stupid! :D (Archived)
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V3kobeV3143/10 6:21AM
Since it seems to be trendy right now to ask for a team rate and i just made one (Archived)imthestuntman63/10 6:13AM
Just tried to explain to a guy why Steel is a bad attacking type.. (Archived)
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Blackcat0123133/10 6:03AM
No more smogon posts please (Archived)
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Dantromon123/10 6:03AM
Rate my competitive team (Archived)Hitman_reborn293/10 5:59AM
How do I get light ball (Archived)angelusalvus73/10 5:52AM
So after you breed a pokemon with the right natures and ivs... (Archived)OldSkoola00183/10 5:52AM
battle spot shenanigans (Archived)Lord_Chivalry43/10 5:31AM
I never really thought about the daycare like this but (Archived)Odoriko44413/10 5:12AM
Your reaction: Arceus can breed with any Pokemon on the no-egg group. (Archived)Un_Dominicano93/10 5:11AM
What would you do to buff the Bug-Type? (Archived)
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FightingPolygon433/10 4:59AM
Who is/was your MVP? (Archived)
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FightingPolygon423/10 4:53AM
Mega pinsir has to be banned (smogon) (Archived)
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PsyPulse1123/10 4:43AM
I reached the chamber of Xerneas and braced myself for an epic battle when.... (Archived)WorldTrader43/10 4:43AM
So I hatched two shinies with the Masuda Method within about 700 eggs. (Archived)
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hekifier223/10 3:53AM