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question about super training (Archived)Zacktrade73/19 5:07PM
Why am I seeing so many girl topics on this board? (Archived)
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Cpt_Calamity503/19 5:04PM
What is the next Pokemon I should make many move sets for and profit off of? (Archived)
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Hydregionzek323/19 4:55PM
Mega Mawile: Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, or None? (Poll)Animako93/19 4:55PM
Just got done breeding Solosis... (Archived)Chaos4629043/19 4:45PM
So what happens if... (Archived)
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miosid_03203/19 4:31PM
Can you use shaymin in rating battles? (Archived)Josebautista58333/19 4:29PM
Where to find Gible and Gardevoir? (Archived)
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ZeldaFan113153/19 4:29PM
What if they made Ice resist Dragon? (Archived)SpookyVenom153/19 4:22PM
Question about ivs... (Archived)Greatdaen103/19 4:16PM
Does a pokemon's IVs get changed if you shinify it with that powersave code? (Archived)FryDays500043/19 4:06PM
best special attacker for vgc 2014 ? (Archived)chaos_controlr53/19 4:04PM
About Syncronize (Archived)
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Kaeaja133/19 3:47PM
It was my birthday today so my friend and I had a battle (Archived)BottledPoe103/19 3:46PM
Trying to finish the previous games before I play X... (Archived)
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Lord_Vader203/19 3:44PM
Diamond/Pearl/Platinum soundtrack on iTunes yet? (Archived)
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zelionx123/19 3:43PM
Any suggestions for someone new to battling? (Archived)ClosedBook73/19 3:42PM
So, random breeding for a nature with HA is pretty annoying, yeah? (Archived)
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MahoganyTooth92153/19 3:38PM
How is Focus Miss even remotely viable unless it OHKOs everything it targets? (Archived)Magikarpus73/19 3:37PM
Ghost is the best type. (Archived)Magikarpus103/19 3:22PM