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TSV's are back? How do you check them? (Archived)AquaX10122/24 3:15PM
If you were in charge of nerfing Garchomp's base stats by 20 points..... (Poll)
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YR: Amaura gets Power Gem as a Tutor Move in the 3rd Game (Archived)
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ssb_master112/24 2:57PM
Carbink: Moonblast or Power Gem? (Archived)Puppyfaic22/24 2:46PM
Missing Fly (Archived)Fennyariel42/24 2:42PM
What if Gen 7 changed 4x weaknesses to 3x weaknesses? (Poll)
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GhoullyX152/24 2:42PM
What is the Kalos Mark for again? Is it just for VGC? (Archived)
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RemixDeluxe112/24 2:40PM
Breeding three egg moves sure is delightful. (Archived)Chenmaster272/24 2:38PM
ITT: We write the plot for Pokemon Z three words at a time (Archived)
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matdsotm3222/24 2:38PM
What's the best Kangaskhan Move-Set??? (Archived)
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TheTurtler31212/24 2:38PM
What pokemon should I breed today? (Poll)
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CubeTheLwNoob152/24 2:27PM
Swagger/Prankster is a complex ban. (Archived)
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dj4242172/24 2:05PM
Pokeball Symbol in Pokedex (Archived)BliNdKaZe52/24 2:04PM
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Evolving a Golbat into a Corbat (Archived)-x-x-x-102/24 1:33PM
Why the hell did Gamefreak decide to make it possible to offer... (Archived)
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Samurontai652/24 1:31PM