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IV/HP Question (Archived)BeansDragon103/23/2014
Why is Flareon so bad? (Archived)
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Is berry farming worth it (Archived)zelionx53/23/2014
PokeBank Pokemiles Problem (Archived)inviso87103/23/2014
***Question for EVERYONE about (about you) Comp. Battling and PokeGen (Poll)
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What fully evolved (non-legendary) pokemon are grouped together ? (Archived)
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Pokemiles question (Archived)hanhuynguyen43/23/2014
Haven't played since Gen III - What's new? (Archived)
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Hariyama moveset (Archived)vinhamon23/23/2014
how would you feel about chesnaught getting the following as egg moves? (Archived)
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Ability question (Archived)NecrosIX53/23/2014
what can i breed with squirtle to have muddy water egg move (Archived)drake_purdum53/23/2014
I finally got it!! Shiny Bulbasaur!! (Archived)ThatGuyOverDer63/23/2014
How good is Moody Smeargle for baton passing? (Archived)MegaSableye83/23/2014
Prettiest thing about Valerie (Poll)
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Choose another "magic" for Delphox to learn as an egg move. (Poll)
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Which of these Pokemon would you most like to see get a Mega Evolution? (Part 2) (Poll)AngryPidgeon103/23/2014
Greninja used Hidden Power! (Archived)pafbonk103/23/2014
The new conditions for public release of my Diggersby sets are: (Archived)
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Which Aegislash do you prefer? (Poll)Kadoatie73/23/2014