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Anyone Else Feel Lilligant got Cheated? (Archived)The_Undest93/23/2014
Help Choosing EVs for Particular Pokemon (Archived)The_Undest23/23/2014
mega absol vs dragonite (Archived)XrossGuang63/23/2014
I could not be more unhappy with Shiny Volcanion (Archived)
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Smogon might ban Charizard (Archived)
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Any reason for this? (Archived)Cookie Bag43/23/2014
Been out of the loop, but what's so special about AZ's Floette? (Archived)King_of_Flan73/23/2014
Just went up against someone using a gimmicky Fire Spin Zard Y set. (Archived)StirFriday33/23/2014
Can protect out speed fake out? (Archived)
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Pokemon Online and Smogon are jokes. Banning Swagger? (Archived)
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Whare are the usual requirements for a pogey to be considered "competitive"? (Archived)
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Did Game Freak said something about 69 new Pokemon in X/Y? (Archived)GangstaLizard9583/23/2014
Can't Decide on a Mega Cross set (Archived)
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Create a Pokemon (CaP) 2nd Try (Archived)
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What if Porygon-z got... (Archived)EasilyDistract73/23/2014
Help me clone (Archived)cmusial823/23/2014
What kind of message is Serena sending to people these days? (Archived)
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When breeding a male with a Ditto... (Archived)CallMeSeeker63/23/2014
Espeon vs. Deoxys-S HO Lead (Archived)MyNameIsGibson63/23/2014
Celesteon- the Legendary Eeveelution! (Archived)
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