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Why i love Motor Drive Electivire (showdown video inside) (Archived)
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MysteriousZ152/16 4:42PM
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Hardest gym battle? (Poll)
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Mikokiri292/16 4:36PM
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Updated cheat list for Pokemon X/Y (Archived)
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ssb_master472/16 4:35PM
Porygon Z halp. (Archived)
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LickChops162/16 4:33PM
Which of these Pokemon do you think is worthy of getting banned by Smogon? (Poll)kabigon2072/16 4:32PM
Fastest exp in your opinion? (Archived)
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Watmanwat142/16 4:27PM
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Should Mega Lucario be banned(smogon) (Poll)
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Blackzero18612/16 4:25PM
How do you get the items you win in the balloon popping game into your X/Y game? (Archived)kabigon2072/16 4:22PM
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