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Which of these appalling gen 4 evos of old pokemon offends your senses the most? (Poll)
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Magikarpus413/17 5:57PM
EV training questions (Archived)oMetalHeartx63/17 5:54PM
working on my next team anyone mind locking over it (Archived)
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gamepimp12143/17 5:52PM
What's the best nature for Yveltal? (Archived)
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I-Flygon-I223/17 5:52PM
Without IV calculators, if a Lv1 has stats between 6-8... (Archived)
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Jeod_Cripto223/17 5:49PM
Incredible... (Archived)ToDaXtreme93/17 5:43PM
Is there any real reason why Victini is number #0 in the Unvoa dex? (Archived)Storrac83/17 5:42PM
And heeeeereeeee the most hax I've ever haaaad!!! (Archived)playingrobot93/17 5:38PM
Seriously, 1/8 Female Needs To Get The Hell Out Of Here. (Archived)
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chaosmagez133/17 5:31PM
The Pokemon fanbase has a very backwards definition of creative. (Archived)
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Meta289353/17 5:30PM
What Pokemon version is better Pokemon X or Pokemon Y? (Poll)
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xxgamer91xx113/17 5:28PM
Do you use other peoples pokemon? (Poll)
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Pikachu222143/17 4:54PM
Houndoomite banned?O_O lol (Archived)
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Carlos994123/17 4:51PM
Does anyone have a list of the Pokes that... (Archived)Phazorite53/17 4:49PM
Missing mega stones? (Archived)ThatOneKid5793/17 4:43PM
What is a good moveset for a Specially Defensive Latias? (Archived)brielski246813/17 4:41PM
I'm so done right now (Archived)
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Benaldric113/17 4:40PM
Ahhhh.. reclaimed shiny Geodude after brother turned off game (Archived)RichieL1991103/17 4:40PM
Remember when pseudo legendaries used to be really strong? (Archived)Slayerblade1193/17 4:33PM
What was that one Pokemon game where having shiny actually gave a boost? (Archived)
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RemixDeluxe123/17 4:28PM