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Ideas for a Cowboy Bebop team. (Archived)
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FireCloud37212/5 8:07AM
Nidoking build (Archived)
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WhiteBaitKent262/5 8:06AM
So why cant you add items to poke bank ? (Archived)
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Laughing_Cat132/5 8:05AM
worse part about Europe getting pokebank first? (Archived)clayton112322/5 8:05AM
Day 2 - Pokemon bankless in North America... (Archived)
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R-A-V172/5 8:03AM
If we don't get Pokebank by tomorrow, I won't just sue Nintendo... (Archived)
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scaler24172/5 8:02AM
WT event, all take part :) (Archived)Dantromon92/5 8:00AM
What I suggest about Tutor moves... (Archived)Safer_77752/5 7:58AM
Legit or Not? (Archived)ninjaferrets52/5 7:57AM
So in pokemon XY there is no stage 4 for trainer card? (Archived)shadic199132/5 7:55AM
My first legit shiny is... (Archived)
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Zeshen332/5 7:46AM
Need a good flying pokemon on my team (Archived)
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strider_123192/5 7:39AM
Super training question (Archived)shadic199142/5 7:39AM
How strong is Sheer Force boosted Bulldoze in comparison to EQ if both are STAB? (Archived)hodelino102/5 7:38AM
24 hours later.... (Archived)Dantromon32/5 7:37AM
Scatterbugs make such good GTS bait! (Archived)Rayquaza_is_Z52/5 7:36AM
wow cant name my pokemon spike (Archived)Digital_Knyte0732/5 7:28AM
How long have you played Pokemon? (Poll)
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Rayquaza487152/5 7:24AM
How do i delete my previous save ? (Archived)Laughing_Cat22/5 7:21AM
The hack check is insane... Why can't I send over this Latias? (Archived)
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OliverTehOmfa482/5 7:19AM