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So I had a guy D/C against me earlier today because i had 2 leftovers users... (Archived)kabigon2032/15 11:26PM
Need help with building a team with certain restrictions (Archived)
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zelionx122/15 11:07PM
Most likely a dumb question but it doesn't hurt to ask, which Yveltal is better? (Archived)SteaIth_Rock12/15 10:54PM
How would you describe this gens metagame? (Poll)
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TC9834172/15 10:51PM
Oh look! A LV. 2 shiny Azumarill (Archived)
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FightingPolygon242/15 10:47PM
What have i dont wrong :c (Archived)Dante204912/15 10:47PM
This Pokemon has outstanding potential overall... (Archived)MjnMixael52/15 10:43PM
When I want to EV train, it rains (Archived)ArcXenos82/15 10:40PM
What happens to the weather if you want to EV train a lv 49 Sliggoo? (Archived)endergamer53742/15 10:36PM
Someone help me find scans of the game case (bought used at Gamestop) (Archived)
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AJM_Ruler942/15 10:33PM
I wish there was a New Game + feature (Archived)
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YamiJustin182/15 10:17PM
So I haven't had a problem with PokeBank's hack checks... (Archived)
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awesome105222/15 10:16PM
Gamefaqs' Official Mono Gym Madness(MGM) Part 1! (Archived)
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TommyEmpoleon5002/15 10:08PM
Advance Breeding (Archived)BliNdKaZe72/15 9:51PM
Gracidea flower isnt working anymore :S (Archived)jofotran2152/15 9:48PM
What's a good counter to Ferrothorn or Venusaur? And are they really that good? (Archived)Puglia7762/15 9:46PM
Why are the characters' noses in this game almost invisible? (Archived)l33t_iRk3n_Rm3362/15 9:44PM
Transferring Scolipede (Archived)
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metroidfan987122/15 9:40PM
Is there any reason why I shouldn't evolve Growlithe if... (Archived)omnibassSP032/15 9:39PM
what happened to the pokemon twitch game? (Archived)Genericgamer66722/15 9:37PM