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Counterpart Version Exclusives Poll: Day 3 (Poll)Brodiac199283/21 3:03PM
After Swagger is banned, rain teams are next (Archived)
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Ability Rater Day 78: Scrappy (Poll)
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ssupermario92123/21 3:01PM
YR: Next Gen has a Serene Grace held Item (Archived)
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Justwanttolook183/21 3:01PM
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Should I keep this Moltres? (Archived)
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bwebber17163/21 2:47PM
Would you guys be annoyed by a team with two OU's and one UU? (Archived)
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Madsoldie44303/21 2:43PM
Is there anything special about the event garchomp or scizor that is worth it? (Archived)RemixDeluxe43/21 2:28PM
Are there any quicker ways to transfer pokemon from Gen 3/4 to Gen 5/6? (Archived)
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Not_Shoryus_Alt183/21 2:23PM
Is it possible to trade Pokemon between a Generation IV and Generation V game.. (Archived)Lord_Vader93/21 2:23PM
Rate the X/Y Move - Day Six: Ion Deluge (Poll)
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DrainDeimos113/21 2:18PM
Showdown Derped and Glitched Again (Archived)
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MaxXtreme96333/21 2:13PM
Can I get a different Xerneas if I run away from the battle the first time? (Archived)
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kyogre123113/21 2:12PM
Are there any unreleased HA's that can make it past Pokebank? (Archived)TacoOfTheOpera83/21 2:12PM