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Is there a Board on Gamefaqs that is more active than XY? (Archived)
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GatedSunOne203/5 9:06PM
Ah, feels so good to breed a Perfect Tyrunt... (Archived)playingrobot103/5 9:05PM
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You know what this game needs? (Archived)
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Dr_Beez113/5 9:03PM
About 0IV Breeding (Archived)Kitda993/5 9:00PM
I want to reformat my 3DS XL will I lose my digital games? (Archived)fishsticks20583/5 8:59PM
YR: Trick Room reverses priority! (Archived)
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SirPikachu133/5 8:54PM
Are same items on multiple pokemon banned? (Archived)
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Xiocamie343/5 8:53PM
Damn Zard Y...... (Archived)BronyBeat53/5 8:35PM
Jelly Guys? (Archived)
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iRiceBall263/5 8:32PM
Is it at all possible to increase the 'efficiency' of the Battle Chateau? (Archived)ajko00023/5 8:28PM
LF: Shiny Honedge, Noibat, pumpkaboo, Espurr (Archived)mosskobe243/5 8:26PM
If they do remake RSE, what features would you want to see? (Archived)itachi134103/5 8:21PM
Best Non-Unburden set for Slurpuff (Archived)DonutSteel83/5 8:11PM
Advice on Sylveon (Archived)nirvana strike43/5 8:05PM
Ability Rater Day 73: Fur Coat (Poll)
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ssupermario92143/5 8:01PM
Question about mega stones and tranfering them to future games (Archived)nauvoo83/5 7:58PM
How does one get into the double battle meta game? + questions (Archived)On_The_Edge23/5 7:55PM
If your most-used team in X/Y was given to the next game's main villain... (Archived)
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chibbymew263/5 7:49PM
Do all eggs of the same species take the EXACT same steps to hatch? (Archived)iammaxhailme43/5 7:47PM