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In This Thread: You are reborn as this random Pokemon (Archived)
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Rayquaza487842/5 4:40PM
What is the easiest way on obtaining a shiny Vivillion? (Archived)Frosted_Midna92/5 4:40PM
GTS Region Question (Archived)Pikachu22242/5 4:35PM
Pimpkrow the Shiny Honchkrow lost his awesome name to Pokebank. (Archived)
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cocomunga112/5 4:35PM
C/D: Wonder Trade is like a casino (Poll)Biased_Gamer62/5 4:32PM
Legit Pokes not getting the marker from transfer? (Archived)Mega Man X42/5 4:32PM
Is there certain event pokemon that can't be transfered? (Archived)bfidle22/5 4:31PM
I didn't realize how much I relied on gems last gen (Archived)javel3442/5 4:31PM
Is it worth getting B2/W2 JUST for Pokebank? (Archived)
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Mirnchan182/5 4:29PM
anyone else annoyed at the 30 per transfer limit? (Archived)AzureKite1872/5 4:29PM
How do you calculate IVs?? (Archived)
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metafanfic192/5 4:28PM
Do people that only get the free bank trial get Celebi? (Archived)wwwgippal262/5 4:28PM
I just had the best wonder trade ever. (Archived)ChicagoTed_42/5 4:27PM
WEP security questions (Bank Transfer related, no complaints) (Archived)
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RailgunnerX212/5 4:25PM
Single Cartridge, Multiple Pokebanks (Archived)chaosmagez32/5 4:24PM
cant recieve pokebank celebi (Archived)CubeTheLwNoob52/5 4:24PM
Thank you wonder trade! (Archived)
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jiminy273232/5 4:24PM
So pokebank is down. (Archived)
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ss4gogeta_dark132/5 4:23PM
Not moving on until i geta shiny! (Archived)CCGreenRaider102/5 4:22PM
XY Poll #3: What do you like most about Kalos Fashion? (Poll)
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TrainerAura122/5 4:22PM