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Mathematical rank of all type combinations by their offensive capabilities (Archived)
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How do I breed a flygon to have defog? (Archived)theunlimitedg322/23 11:26PM
What do if you're playing and you need to use the bathroom, 3DS is charging? (Archived)
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matdsotm3222/23 11:25PM
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Would Thunder Fang be a good move for Mega Aerodactyl? (Archived)Houle72/23 11:09PM
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Bleachfreak7132/23 11:01PM
Can the Lati@s stones be traded locally (Archived)RemixDeluxe72/23 11:00PM
Beta Competition over, how did you do? (Archived)
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Owltheowl122/23 10:54PM
Ranked battles Kyurem-B and friends (Archived)SilenceWaters4232/23 10:43PM
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I was reading on smogon about the 10 most annoying poke (Archived)
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Hitoshura9999152/23 10:41PM
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Am I fit to enter the Cup? (Archived)fedartz12/23 10:33PM
How many competitive Mega Pokemon do you use and or own? (Archived)
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Thaxagoodname132/23 10:32PM
Who are good pokemon to support M-Houndoom, Scizor and Dragonite? (Archived)NDN_Shadow32/23 10:24PM