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How does the pokemon world even function? (Archived)
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iamjosh308233/16 8:09PM
So how are they going to stuff Red, Green/Blue and Lance into this gen? (Archived)EmeralDragon2353/16 7:54PM
dumb question, i know you can't trade stuff like HA Snivy, Totodile, etc but (Archived)Ballinari43/16 7:37PM
How to Landorus Therian/Heatran? (Archived)Noxatrox83/16 7:32PM
I thought I was hosed, but!!!!!!! (Archived)vogymaan43/16 7:29PM
Who else wants walk with your Pokemon again in y2,X2 or Z? (Archived)
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SilentCow960123/16 7:25PM
Beard Possibilities? (Archived)SolarPichu63/16 7:11PM
So what type of teams have generally high success rates? (Archived)
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Xiocamie123/16 7:01PM
I wonder why they didn't give sucker punch +2 priority (Archived)
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JDM_Jev193/16 6:47PM
Question about IV breeding (Archived)oka5583/16 6:46PM
Looking for challengers for our Gym League! (Archived)minun73103/16 6:11PM
i dont understand why people say talonflame is good (Archived)
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Tatakai-No-Kami613/16 6:02PM
so i just realized.... (Archived)
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smalls56173/16 6:00PM
Finally a shiny charmander, but... (Archived)Nei_Faia63/16 5:53PM
Twitch plays Pokemon Crystal - Part 2 (Archived)
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Dabrikishaw155003/16 5:47PM
What can Mold Breaker Hawlucha do? (Archived)PrettyTonyTiger33/16 5:42PM