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Can you cancel Poke Bank before the free trial ends? (Archived)
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Kurutto132/5 5:19PM
best place to get hacked pokes? (Archived)
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skazen21212/5 5:18PM
Can't get past "Preparing" in Pokebank? (Archived)Zorfendor12/5 5:17PM
Now that pokebank is out, will there be a Shauna dlc? (Archived)Goderator42/5 5:16PM
so how do you get another celebi if you dont like the one you got.. (Archived)mrraiders7692/5 5:16PM
gts 13274 (Archived)swaggypotato22/5 5:16PM
ITT: We name all of the post game features and try to reach 500 (Archived)
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Terraforce777152/5 5:14PM
Arceus? (Archived)anubiseyez32/5 5:13PM
Pokemon more or less gritty (Poll)ifkman62/5 5:12PM
False-positives? (Archived)Daramue102/5 5:12PM
Are ALL gen five legends shiny locked or just Reshiram and Zekrom? (Archived)PrettyTonyTiger62/5 5:12PM
Attention False Positives (Archived)TcidenebT12/5 5:08PM
Is there a way to send the entire transport box to the box in XY? (Archived)KyrieIrving72/5 5:07PM
Illegl move ability/ move combinations make it through (Archived)
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EmptyStar12392/5 5:07PM
who can't pass pokebankto the game (Archived)thaosnake82/5 5:07PM
Europe getting Pokemon Bank before U.S. is unfair. (Archived)
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amaleagunther21302/5 5:05PM
Which legend to ubers? (Archived)brown69442/5 5:05PM
Can you share a Pokemon B/W Cartridge for PokeTransporter? (Archived)DSKpower62/5 5:05PM
Is the E-Shop down right now? (Archived)DaNewTrick52/5 5:04PM
Datel Powersaves 3DS now supports pokemon X/Y (Archived)
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ssb_master122/5 5:03PM