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Im going to wonder trade away all of my AR POWERSAVE SHINY POKES (Archived)
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mariopokefan17263/4 5:48PM
SilverPowder? (Archived)inviso87103/4 5:32PM
I just bought Pokemon Dream Radar, but I can't figure out how to link it to X/Y. (Archived)pokemon2poker73/4 5:25PM
How is Mega Lucario broken and when is the cut-off date for free Pkmn Bank? (Archived)
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HakuMan111386213/4 5:24PM
Do you get anything worthwhile from Looker quests? (Archived)
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Sephiroth0327113/4 5:24PM
interesting video discussing gardevoir and why it is the way it is. (Archived)paipr33/4 5:24PM
So apparently I can't use Kyogre in a pokemon battle. (Archived)
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ThePokeMan98283/4 5:24PM
how long will this be the number 1 game on the site? (Archived)Genericgamer66743/4 5:23PM
What Cheats Do You Think Will Come Out Next? (Powersave) (Archived)
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raymond2000476113/4 5:21PM
what hacks are available on the 3ds action replay Powersave for x and y? (Archived)
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mariopokefan17253/4 5:13PM
Question about PokeBank. (Archived)8Panda43/4 5:13PM
Question about Looker's side quests (Archived)LadyLokiHiddles33/4 5:12PM
Destiny bond on yours and their last pokemon (Archived)Nanahara71583/4 5:09PM
In you opinion, what were the worst evolutions? (Archived)8Panda93/4 5:05PM
if anyone has an extra rewards code. (Archived)thekramer1723/4 5:03PM
I heard shofu is some youtuber (Archived)Mikey491423/4 4:58PM