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Can I get a 2nd Discount Coupon? (Archived)xairecian62/15 1:10PM
According to Masuda, the future of Mega Evos will be decided by tourney results. (Archived)
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Rad_Dudesman132/15 1:07PM
What do you guys think of this picture? (Archived)
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jbnoob332/15 1:05PM
What should I add to my team so far? (Archived)jakenlucas52/15 1:03PM
Best fourth move (and EV spread) for Crawdaunt? (Archived)
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wantfastcars112/15 1:02PM
Bad new guys (Archived)Morningstar133712/15 12:57PM
Mewtwo vs The Avengers (Archived)
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mninp132/15 12:57PM
XY Poll #7: Which Kalos City do you like most? (Poll)
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TrainerAura222/15 12:54PM
So did anyone here actually get a good Celebi? (Archived)
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wrightreyesrock422/15 12:52PM
Battle Maison trainer lines (Archived)
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thebananabandit182/15 12:51PM
So what's your current team? (Archived)
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SirPikachu222/15 12:47PM
Hoenn Remakes are not going to happen. (Archived)
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Judgmenl152/15 12:47PM
Don't You Just Love Skill Link? (Archived)123outerme32/15 12:38PM
astrangeone's Pokemon Fanfiction Wonderlocke (Archived)astrangeone12/15 12:37PM
Top three, Pokemon types you dont really have a favorite of yet. (Archived)paipr102/15 12:35PM
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Pokemon Y Story. Prologue. Best Review chooses a Pokemon the Main Characters get (Archived)Catalyst58642/15 12:30PM
Mega Chestnaut! Yeah, I couldn't believe it either! (Archived)omnibassSP082/15 12:20PM