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Smogon Quits when they can't beat (Archived)jb0804543/20/2014
Ironic moments in Pokemon. Post them. (Archived)ajko00053/20/2014
Powersaves just added some berries (Archived)
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1st time making a team, rate it please :) (Archived)Itachi0207103/20/2014
to genwunners (Archived)
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a serious topic about gens (Archived)
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my feelings on pokemon x (Archived)Dantromon33/20/2014
Proof this game doesn't take skill and hax decides games (Archived)
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Pokemon IS competetive (Archived)
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Need advice (Archived)Kaeaja73/20/2014
AR Powersaves... (Archived)
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I just dont have a clue (Archived)Dantromon83/20/2014
Choose a song to represent each Gen (Archived)mrballerswaggin33/20/2014
Nice to see Smogon doesn't know how to adapt to the metagame and will ban (Archived)
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Shiny Choice Episode 1: Zangoose and Seviper (Poll)lolsophia753/20/2014
What is the "worst" ability in the game? (Poll)
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The recent banning of Swagger has me thinking about Pokemon Stadium 2. (Archived)Brodiac199283/20/2014
Will you rate my team? (Changes) (Archived)ZeldaFan11343/20/2014
I finally got a shiny this gen. I bet you won't guess what it is. Some will lie. (Archived)
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Ways to improve? (Archived)OhiDunno13/20/2014