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Good moveset for Jolly Greninja with Protean? (Archived)ShadowMario353/15 4:19PM
What's with people asking to trade and then just showing off legendarys? (Archived)
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Splinter_Within283/15 4:19PM
Speaking Of Charizard Cards... (Archived)JohnHalo34383/15 4:17PM
How do you get Berry Juice in this gen? (Archived)
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Marik_Reborn113/15 3:56PM
Salamence deserves more credit! (Archived)Dathedr-vodhr53/15 3:56PM
Someone please help me...I'm addicted to random battle! (Archived)LaManoNeraII73/15 3:55PM
I absolutely hate this game! (Archived)Thaxagoodname93/15 3:49PM
Squall Vivillon (Archived)HipsterSora93/15 3:49PM
Is Signal Beam good on MegaManectric? (Archived)FryDays500053/15 3:39PM
How's this Mega Bannette set? (Archived)hugo-n-kisses63/15 3:39PM
Anyone else having trouble with PokeGTS? (Archived)
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Town_Drunkard113/15 3:38PM
would a timid greninja get outsped by a fully speed invested garchomp? (Archived)
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Splinter_Within283/15 3:36PM
Is there any pokemon that's not necesary to complete de National Dex? (Archived)matthew_9483/15 3:36PM
Pikachu is now Japans official mascot for the Brazil world cup. (Archived)
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Felix6464303/15 3:35PM
whats so good about 6iv dittos? (Archived)pyojune23/15 3:29PM
Wait, I can remove my friends from my firend list, and they can keep my safari? (Archived)waterdeepchu43/15 3:22PM
What's up with all the crap like flabebe and froakie on wonder trade? (Archived)
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stoopidmonkey8213/15 3:21PM
Do you have any Twitch Plays Pokemon references in your competitive teams? (Archived)
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Calwyn143/15 3:15PM
YR : Gengar gets Encore (Archived)
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UltraKangaskhan143/15 3:09PM
green shiny pokemon (Archived)
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aizen122173/15 3:09PM